Day 15: A piece of my heart is in Delhi!


Delhi, India’s capital territory, is a massive metropolitan area in the country’s north. In Old Delhi, a neighborhood dating to the 1600s, stands the imposing Mughal-era Red Fort, a symbol of India, and the sprawling Jama Masjid mosque, whose courtyard accommodates 25,000 people. Nearby is Chandni Chowk, a vibrant bazaar filled with food carts, sweets shops and spice stalls.

Now this is what you get to read in Wiki, if you type Delhi. But the real Delhi is much more than these 5 lines. This is a city where history meets modernity. This is a city which has innumerable monuments on one hand and world’s best Airport and with super connected metro’s on the other. My first visit to Delhi was in 2006, which reminds me it’s been a decade I have fallen in love with this place and my love keeps growing as the visits keep increasing.

Today I’m here for a training program in a while I shall fly out to Mumbai, the place I live and yes, as people say Mumbai grows on you it is, on me. But today it’s not about the sizzling Mumbai, it’s about Royal Delhi. This place takes you to an Era with every monument you visit, with every street you pass, you re-live those pages you have read in your history classes. This city has so much to offer and believe you in me, if you  are here between November – January, you will fall in love with the winter just like I have had.

It was one such December nights of 2006 I had come here for a training program. How I cherished the road side food, shopping is never ending here, late night strolls in the lawn of India Gate astride Rajpath is surreal, Mughal style non – veg delicious food for those who love lamb – Rogan Josh with hot Roti is a must try, many restaurants have live Ghazal singers singing for you, and you could get lucky to hear them singing your most favorite number too or make a wish and they sing for you fulfilling your dinning experience  with wonderful memories.

Take Metro, walk around, visit Haus – Khaz village, cover the must visit places like Lotus Temple, India Gate, The Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, man made miracle swaminarayan Akshardham, Lodi gardens or stepping out to just go for a walk in the endless gardens of Delhi is a bliss. Don’t forget to stop by and shop in Sarojini Market, Lajpat Nagar Market, I would do injustice to this post if I don’t mention Delhi Haat!

I can go on and on. I feel sad to see when people say, Delhi is not safe for girls at night, for such a great city I wish it could not be true. We have had cases to prove my wish wrong which is disheartening and saddening, but if you take that one aspect out, Delhi is a  city where you can find a piece of your heart unknowingly  left behind from your first visit. I have had.

I look forward to coming to this city and every time I come, it fills my heart with happiness and joy, reminding me of what I said – A piece of my heart is in Delhi!



Day 13: Books and Me


Its 11:10pm right now, which leaves me to do my NaBloPoMo 13th day in less than 50 Minutes. So here I dive in.

Today is been good, I got this book, One Indian girl from the stores yesterday and I found myself glued to the book my entire day. It is a breezy and a witty book. No doubt you shall find Mr. Chetan Bhagat from the very first page you held to the last page to close. Easy on language, witty, good and breezy read, here and there you might laugh, page turner to some extent, absolute Bollywood way of ending the climax. Have nothing to do, grab this one – Total Time Pass!

What I loved the most in my day other than reading was being along. I had always wanted to be alone, sip a cup of coffee, read an entire book at one go all by myself with zero disturbance, that never happens with so much work coming in between. Either calls, or work. Being with mom before marriage, reading a book to myself at one go was next to impossible. She would keep yelling my name once an hour to see if I’m there wondering where else I would go, but calling my name out every other hour was a routine. Either to show her love through cup of tea or a snack, or telling me about the relatives, or watching a movie or shouting from one room for me to get up and come out to see, it’s my favorite song that was on TV. Being alone in your own room when you have people around at home sorry, not happening

I have been married for 3 years now, and in this 3 years I would have read multiple books. My husband knows my love for reading, but it’s very rare I get to spend my entire day on a book without getting disturbed. Hrishi slipped into my mom’s roll with ease. With mom I at least had a chance to win a fight to let me be alone to finish what I have in hand after she understood being alone and enjoying my own time did not mean I was sad, depressed, had a bad fight with my friends or had been stressed. Making her understand and accustom to my “me time” took me a while and before I could reap the benefit of my hard work, I was here being married.

How do I say, being alone is nice, very nice, actually enjoyable.  Imagine you can just be with a book you love, read through it all by yourself, melt in the wonder filled land of your imagination with absolute no knocking in the door to get up and see what is it about, isin’it a bliss? I do need validation on many other opinion of mine, on this one, I take your silence as Yes! lol 🙂

Books and me are great combination and with no people around we are at our best. Today Hrishi had stepped out and I was happier like a child being left alone at home by parents. Didn’t jump on the sofa’s nor did I spill the cream, was quite a good girl took my book, made few cups of coffee now and then sat on my couch happily and finished the book to my satisfaction with zero disturbance and I totally loved my space. One book at a go, nice nah!

What I love reading a book every time is, my imagination of when I would complete my paper work of writing my novel. When would I make my story real to read turning pages to pages. As I read in Crossword, I love to be writer, what I hate the most is the paper work. I wonder how my reader’s would take my book one day in their hand reading it, imagining it, and seeing their world through my words. That would indeed be one best day of my life.

I shall keep my writing on believing one day, You shall get to read my story too.

Stay Blessed 🙂


Day 12: What would you like to hear from me?


I have been staring at my screen for sometime now, this is a nth time, I’m typing something and deleting something. As we proceed with Day 12 of NaBloPoMo, I already feel I have ran out of my topics, absolutely stuck with zero ideas, I have a commitment to keep, I have a promise to standby, I have you, to not disappoint.

So, here I’m freewheeling my thought with absolutely no content, absolutely no concrete ideas, absolutely no idea on what would you like to hear from me.

I know I can use prompts, I have used 1 so far may be I didn’t feel like  using any now.  I have had a busy day today. Work kept me occupied didn’t know how time went by. Even when I was at work, here and then I was thinking what to write today, but nothing came across my mind. Perhaps, I’m little more than I actually thought I’m occupied with my thought.

I wouldn’t keep this blog long, for I know there is a tomorrow to write for and I would be happy to come back and talk to you with some strong thought, something crazy, something funny, something weird, something serious,  if you are still here reading my blog, then do something for me, let me know what would you like to hear from me.

Good Night!

With Love


Day 11: I believe in “Happily Ever after”


What is life for, if you had not missed a heartbeat when u hear the sound of his shoes tapping across you.

What is life for, if you haven’t fidgeted your fingers and see then trapped with just the aroma of his smell somewhere near you.

What is life for, if you had not wished the universe stops that very minute when you steal a glance of his amidst your friends and families.

What is life for, if you haven’t jumped right up with the sound of your phone ringing or in person and swallow a lump up hearing him whisper near your ears.

What is life for, if you had not spilled those tears from the pain of his separation making you wish you had wings to fly to him where ever he is that minute

What is life for, if you had not fallen in love once in your life with a guy/girl who you could never imagine and still loose the very end of your soul with every sight of his/hers.

What is life for, if you haven’t done your true confession of your overwhelming love for him/her with rage, anger, love, shy, resentment, hope and admiration taking you over.

What is life for, if you had not believed and loved the idea of being in love and “They lived Happily Ever after”

I am a super hardcore romantic person, and I love it this way. Seeing happy faces makes me happy, seeing unrealistic love stories that was created in someone’s thought make me crave to see those in real life, seeing myself in my fantasy world and Austen land, being in my bubble of love and joy makes me skip a heart beat, makes me believe in love stories.

Hasn’t that happened to you, if yes, welcome to my club. If not then you are seriously missing out on something beautiful. You don’t have to be super perfecto in life always, super logical in life always, super right in life always and super practical in life always.

Sometimes its nice loosing yourself to skip a hear beat, sometimes loosing yourself to your fantasy world, sometimes loosing yourself to the imaginary love life, sometimes parting those lips of yours to savor those beautiful kisses, sometimes closing your eyes to the fairy tales, sometimes loosing yourself to believe in finding Mr. Darcy.

You may hear someone say you are unrealistic, so be it. You may hear someone say you are a movie buff, so be it. You may hear someone say, you are dramatic, so be it. You may hear someone say, you are crazy, so be it.

It doesn’t matter what other say, It doesn’t matter what others believe in, It doesn’t matter how your 365 days should ordinarily be.

All that it matters is,  would you say no if unrealistic things happen to you, would you say no, if you find your true love waiting for you in those sunset green meadows, would you say no for seeing you smile, cry and kiss each other at the same time, and would you say no, for falling in love and ending your love story with, “and they lived Happily Ever After…”

Go fall in love, Go find your Mrs. Darcy, Go find your Mr. Darcy, Go see this world from the eyes of a lover, Go see this world from the eyes of a fairy tale believer, Go see this world from the eyes of the love story admirer.

May this 2016 help you end your love story in the most imperfectly perfect way, if you haven’t found yours yet, I can lend you mine from my all time favorite scene – “Pride and Prejudice”  until you find yours…

Lizzie for every day..

My Pearl for Sundays…

And Goddess Divine on very special occasions..

You may only call me Mrs. Darcy, when you are completely and perfectly and incandescently happy.

And the showers of kisses begin!






Day 10: Power of PINK..!!!


India vs America, Developing Nation vs Super Power Nation,  Presidential Election vs Power of Pink! Honestly speaking I wasn’t following this election debates in detail, and actually I haven’t followed politics at all, last time it was different when the Obama’s were on fire – they created a wave of YES WE CAN! for sure the Obama’s will be missed. This election was however between Trump and Hillary, both I have had my own reservations for though not knowing a thing about them, the habit of reading newspaper everyday is all that has given me the right to write this one and nothing else.

Though I wasn’t a keen follower of their debates, thanks to the social media for filling me up with the details minute by minute, coming from the fraternity that celebrates the color PINK, somewhere deep in my heart, I wished Hillary could be the President. I wised to see Women power taking over against all odds, I wished to see the Gender Equality was true at last. I was introduced to her name for the first time in 1993 – 2001, when Bill Clinton had became the president and she the First Lady then. I was hardly in my 10th grade to know anything about them and know of her political knowledge of course. I remember vaguely someone saying – She is a very strong women, She is very decisive, and a promising candidate who could become the First American Women President of USA some day.

After 15 years, that one day came. I have read a few articles of her recently, I knew she had even authored few books. Looking back at my memory, I imagined how nice it would be to see then the First Lady as the Fist Women President of the United States of America today.

I had mentally drawn few comparison between my nation and that of hers and I presumed, if we could see Pratibha Devisingh Patil who served as our 12th President of India between 2007 – 2012, what would hold back the most powerful nation in the world, to see Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton as their 45th President in 2016. I was not spared but to believe in the election analysis like the thousands and lakh  of those heartbroken, tear eyed people who had seen the most dramatic election results last night. A blow in the heart. Isn’t USA ready yet to see a lady rule the world, isn’t USA ready yet to break the norm for the first time a 45th time, isn’t USA ready yet to see the White House turn Pink?

Today I was lucky to get The Reserve Bank of India’s highest Denomination I could ever touch – 2000 rupee note. I was happy and what made me feel happier is the color of the note, PINK! My Nation is celebrating the Women Power, My Nation which has always seen and worshiped shakthi in form our deity is celebrating the Nanhi Kali, My Nation is celebrating our journey towards Gender Equality.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the most powerful nation worldwide or you are a developing nation on the run, what all that matters is that, the place we could take as the women in the society. The place we could take as the women at your home. The place we could take as the women at your workplace. The place we could take to find your acceptance.

We are leading a tough fight, a fight that needs to be won over assumptions, a fight that needs to be won over domination, a fight that needs to be won over proclamations, and that is not going to happen without the support of the other side of the world – The Men. We need you to see us more like your companion in all that you do, not just in bed and kitchen alone, we need you to accept us for our strengths. We need you to believe in us, just like how we have believed in you for all these Eras. We are ready to take a work in progress man as our husband just like how you have taken us as your wife, we are ready to take a man who wants to be a homemaker, we are ready for the shift in roles.

Yes, we are vulnerable and that is our strength, we are emotional and that is our strength, we are capable and that is our strength, we are acceptable and that is our strength, we are phenomenal and that is our strength. Its high time logical brain lets emotional brain takeover, physical strength lets vulnerability takeover, the color of blue lets the color of PINK takeover.

If I could say anything to Hillary – these would be it – You put a great fight, You stood tall against all odds, You had inspired all women worldwide, You have taken America by storm, yes, those glass ceilings didn’t come shattering down yesterday, Yes, those victory speeches you had practiced dint get delivered yesterday, Yes those dreams of White House turning PINK was not unveiled yesterday.

It’s not you who weren’t good enough, its just that, the world isn’t ready yet for you to takeover, but the impact you had left is good enough to last a lifetime for someone to takeover, to gather strength and to gather reference.

You have become the torchbearer for the run, and now, there is a lot of work that needs to be done!




Day 9:Rise and Fall of a Dream..!

Rise and Fall of a dream

Have you dreamt, seeing yourself living a life king size? Have you dreamt, doing all those things you ever wanted to do in your dream in the real life at least once? Have you felt lonely amidst of hustle-bustle busy day at work? Have you felt the Rise and Fall of your dream?

Writing this blog with this headline is so apt given to what is happening around the world today. The US had seen a much awaited, most dramatic Presidential Election results tonight, where Mr. Trump has become the President of the United States of America and the much assumed to be the First Women promising Presidential candidate Ms. Hilary Clinton goes back home to sleep to wake up as a normal citizen of the country tomorrow, Rise and Fall of a dream with just .4% difference. I guess that’s how it happens everywhere.

To talk about India,  people who witnessed the historic moment last night at 08:00pm where our Honorable Prime Minster Mr. Narendra Modi addressed our Nation with just one masterstroke announcement scrapped 500 rupee notes along with 1000 rupee notes to say India declares war on Black Money. With just that announcement people with stacked up hot cash became pauper overnight. Rise and Fall of dream – for absolute good this time!

I have seen my dream rise and fall, I have seen my dreams fall and rise again, when I say I have, I come from the courage of pursuing a dream, a dream that is more than just a dream to me today, I come to you with the wisdom that my spiritual guru bestowed upon me to write about what I have felt, seen, known with the little very little experience I have gained. I’m standing right in front of you and talking straight to your heart as for some reasons that the universe know you have clicked the link above and thus hearing me speak to you. I Thank you for reading me today.

When I was handling a training program in Chennai for 25 budding leaders, I realized everyone has, had and is still having a dream that they would love to pursue, to my curiosity I wanted to know if that is so close to their heart then why hasn’t the persuasion happened. Reason were thousands, I understood there was a rise and fall of a dream!

Today Indian origin names are making it the headlines. Two of them are the CEO’s of the Gaint International names, and the question arised was, what was stopping India to reflect that 2% everywhere else?  The answers received was, 90% blaming others, situations, circumstances, and even government was not spared. How come a 5 year ruling party be the reason for killing your dream that’s ruling you? How come a person, a thing, a situation become the reason for you not feeding your dream? How can we settle for mediocrity when excellence is just next door for us?

I did a little research, We come from a country that has been ruled, we have always been told what to do, for us what others think becomes the atmost priority than to consider what we think, probability could be even that thought will need a third perspective to know if that thought was worthy a thought to even think about.

We need approvals, and the more approvals you get, the more you feel strong to pursue your thoughts making it a reality, may it be right or may it be wrong, approvals control our destiny. So what happens if we don’t get approved? What happens when our destiny is controlled? What happens when our dreams get pulled down?

We need our dreams to pull us up when we need them the most and our dreams need us too to be pulled up when they need us the most. Don’t kill your dream for the sake of who? where? When? How? and why?

Never stop believing, never stop dreaming, Never doubt  and please never stop fighting for your dreams for the simple reason it may fail, It may fail one day, but trust me you would be happy to see yourself doing and failing that to stand tall and see you have done nothing at all. To all the men, women,  boys and girls I have known and to all you reading my blog now, remember, nothing, just nothing makes you stronger than standing and making your dream come true and, living that one day of your life, is worth more than anything you could ever imagine!

So go ahead – may your dreams rise and fall, may it fall and rise again!

Stay Blessed, Stay Inspiring and never, ever, ever stop Dreaming!

Day 3: A day to remember in Punjab – Chandigarh!


Day 3 Nablopomo: I need to write about today for sure, what a day it was. I am now in Chandigarh the capital of the northern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana for a training program. Punjab without even my knowledge I have fallen in love with this place for a simple reason, grown up seeing bollywood movies and yash chaopras films, like how shah rukh and kajol has become a part of my life like wise all the festivities, culture, traditions has become a part of my life and no doubt this state’s vibrancy, delicious food and the beginning of an awesome chillness have made me love my stay here.

Today I finished my session, had some time in my hand thought why not step out, and I felt good of my choice of stepping out, if not I would have missed a great deal to witness what this wonderful city had to offer. Chandigarh being a planned city, makes u feel out of the blue moon witnessing how neat they have kept this place, for a moment you forget you are in India.

Wonderful shopping experience, lovely and colorful dhupattas, dress materials, typical punjabi big stone studded ear rings, wonderfully hand crafted  beautiful bangles, paintings, stoles, shawls, and some warm clothes, and yes, definitely bargaining and getting the best deal made me feel a typical women!

After some shopping we headed straight a local dhabha to indulge in some sinful and delicious food of Punjab, why sinful everything that you ask is so much dipped in Desi Ghee with all their love for you and given to you, its just so yum.. so delicious, that You don’t just say finger licking good for just KFC but u would end up saying this and some more to the food and flavors of Punjab.

Even before shopping, we had visited the nearby Rock Garden which is a park featuring sculptures made of stones, recycled ceramics and industrial relics. I seriously felt Alice in Wonderland. It was a maze, a massive, amazing, wonderfully crafted man made sculptures all that you can make from scrap and reusable material is seriously a thought to wonder, how was this even possible and how long he would have taken to do what he has done. If you ever visit Punjab – Chandigarh don’t fail to spend sometime in this Rock garden, you won’t regret.

After all that walking, shopping, eating I came back quickly back to my room, for I had my evening session to go on with. As the time in my watch was nearing 10 pm, and having our dinner all my thought were on Nablopomo, I didn’t want to miss writing, to tell you how my day was, having to appreciate small small things in your life for sure takes you a long way.

Being thankful for all that is happening is a good way to start and end your day, and if that becomes our habit then our life is getting sculpted from the best architect’s hand without any doubt. I had my own troubles posting this one for my data won’t get connected, very limited WiFi access on a snail’s speed, somehow managed to get my hotspot get through from my phone so here I’m writing to you about my 3rd day.

I loved this day and for sure, when I Get back to Mumbai tomorrow, this blog will remind me of our wonderful stay in this great city and I so look forward to coming back here soon to explore some more. While I get prepared for my tomorrow’s session, you don’t forget to appreciate small. little and wonderful things around you.

All things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful the lord god made them all, each little flower that open.. each little bird that sings… remember this world is wonderful for those who have the time to look around through the lens of a beautiful creator!