Encounter – Merya Caroline and Steve Marshall at the announcement.

Chapter : 6 After a gap of 3 years today she is getting ready to meet him. Yes, Him... Steve Marshall waiting to see Merya Caroline. An Encounter that was unavoidable now. Next 100 days she would encounter him more than ever. The day and night will go by him. The spot light will make … Continue reading Encounter – Merya Caroline and Steve Marshall at the announcement.


Polarities ~ Opposites Attract…!!!

Chapter:5 Merya knew in sometime from now she will be meeting Richard and she could still hear his voice telling it’s about Steve I need to talk to you... She felt like an anachoronist as if she never belonged to this place and time... Yes.. She dint belong to this time of today's...She suddenly felt … Continue reading Polarities ~ Opposites Attract…!!!

Reflection ~ Caught in the waves of thoughts

Chapter:4 Excruciating from the pain of remembrance, Merya woke up from her couch, her thoughts weary, her mind perplexed, her eyes searching for a glimpse of him and her body wanting a touch of his to make her dream come true which she knows is difficult to happen.... but which is not still impossible to … Continue reading Reflection ~ Caught in the waves of thoughts

This too shall pass…..

Chapter:2 The sound of the chirping birds made her get up from the bed looking merciless with her morning beauty still and sterile she took the magazine lying on the table heading Top 10 most powerful women on the world and her name stood first. Ms. Caroline, Her full name Merya Caroline. How could she  take over the Hollywood by storm? How could … Continue reading This too shall pass…..