Missing you!

I seldom remember when I started missing you,
  Sincerily searching for answers which I never knew,
  Portraying you as my dream guy was ever true
  Departing the warmth, chocks me which I share with you………
  The very thought of hand-in-hand makes me smile,
  The more I have tried, Away! Fond thoughts and vex my soul no more,
  You may charge me with loliness or a want of sense,
  But the slighest apporach to false pretense,
  Was never among my crimes!
 Long buried Phoenix rising from its ashes, my love is been,
  Making these very talks with you bewilderment enduring me,
  Emotions and questions haunting for light to walk in,
  Where to go, Whom to convince, as my love is You and Only You
  Was never among my crimes!
  Was never among my crimes!