Sun striking to the peak, dusty road, windy noon, vehicles honking crazy, trying to pass through the crumbled traffic signal of Gemini Flyover in the auto..had 2 choice.. either crib abt the traffic in this sunny noon.. or look around for seeign the beauty of chennai at 2pm.. gaping around the signal I was.. thoughts … Continue reading If-we-could


It – Happens

Never did I know, I would fall in love May be no one knows when they would either….. Like a chilling breeze, you crossed over me…. Turned back….. Only to know, you have made me thank Thee!! Honey! What would I tell you when we meet? Trying to write few… lest I not run short … Continue reading It – Happens

World Cup Hockey in India – 28th Feb – 13th March

World Cup.. the name glorifies and tickles our adrenaline only to relate to the only game we have given our Heart, Mind and Soul to is Cricket. Rightly told, We kill our own talents..Hockey is just a game now with so much of History.. and so shall it remain we have decided.. History never repeats … Continue reading World Cup Hockey in India – 28th Feb – 13th March

Hello world!

Dear all sizzling bloggers here, I am Ramya Rajagopal, a just born for blogging today.. would like to get introduced to u all and let you know, you are always welcome to walk in my home and be a part of me, in my journey of writing. Take care and Have a Gr8 day. Ramya.