Sun striking to the peak, dusty road, windy noon, vehicles honking crazy, trying to pass through the crumbled traffic signal of Gemini Flyover in the auto..had 2 choice.. either crib abt the traffic in this sunny noon.. or look around for seeign the beauty of chennai at 2pm.. gaping around the signal I was.. thoughts took me to the gigantic flyover in my right hand side.. for a minute the flyover looked so magnificent to my eyes that day.. For we know it is a monument in the heart of the city which was Opened in 1973, it was the first flyover in Chennai.27 yrs old and still standing young.. to my right again, stood the very “The Park hotel”. Now guys know it for Pasha more than for Park.. thoughts were going on.. If-we-could have had a better traffic system, if – we- could.. then geared my thoughts to think if, traffic for tht day and snail had a competition, I doubt, Snail would have won…

Momentum was felt in the ongoing traffic.. still my eyes were capturing pictures through its lens… saw many things happpening.. a father carrying his son on his cycle from his school, few guys standing in  the corner of the road and having a peppy talk of course with a smoke in hand.. always wondered how it would be if- we-could eve’s drop and get to know wt topic do these guys talk about..saw a lady going with the basket of flowers which is yet to be tied….

Suddenly my eyes caught a sight of few little one’s with white shirt and dark blue half trousers with a shoulder bag and few one’s with slipper and few with shoes were throwing their hands to the vehicles passing by…. yes, you are right… they were asking for lifts.. I was on the other side for them.. so I could only be a silent spectator… unlike our side.. the other side of the road’s traffic were easy going… so, poor kids thy had a tough time to get a lift.. If-I-Could have been tht side, how nice it would have been I thought.. for my auto only I was travelling,..

There was this little fellow hardly 6-7 yrs old did all his stunts he could, trying to get a lift frm cycle to auto to car.. but in-vein.. I also saw there were people going in most of the vehicles were alone in it.. thn why dint anyone just offer them a lift I queried… for the first time in the history I thanked god for the traffic to move like a snail for I wanted to see how neglecting our people can be…after few minutes of perseverance, the champ managed to stop an auto.. thanks to the auto guy. May be the guy felt poor little one’s needed this lift for thy have been burning in the sun’s rays.. the auto stopped.. little ones ran to the auto.. only for the person inside to get out and walk away..

I wish I could hear wt he was saying… but couldn’t… probably from their reactions.. all I could read was the passenger was not happy by the good act of the auto guy and he had to turn down the offer of lift for those sweet one’s.. again I thought.. If-we-could be bit more generous for others how nice this place would be. The traffic moved…. my vehicle passed them… still one was consoling the other.. one was still showing hand for a lift.. few were whipping the sweat from their forhead.. I moved.. but my mind couldn’t…

If – we-could think for a moment…. how many times have we come across such a situation, while few, little dirty but sweetttt one’s wave their hand for dropping them on our way …have we turned them down??

If-we-could think for a moment now.. how much of a happiness will we be bringing to those little hearts while we get a companion too for a little distance of our travel…

If-we-could think for them now…… then when some one waves their hand in asking for a offer of a lift.. we shall happily tell.. I-could.. and not tell in our heart somewhere when we are alone.. If-I-could.. or If-we-could…


It – Happens

Never did I know, I would fall in love

May be no one knows when they would either…..

Like a chilling breeze, you crossed over me….

Turned back….. Only to know, you have made me thank Thee!!

Honey! What would I tell you when we meet?

Trying to write few… lest I not run short of words to greet…

Herald is what I feel and you make me blush by the way you treat….

Tedious I know this journey is… will be with you and not let you tilt…..

Marriages were made in heaven told few….

Mark my words you would realize it soon told few….

Made for each – other? Is there something existing like that I query

You opened your arms and cuddled me vanishing all my worries…..

Do you know you have made me bloom?

Let me tell this to you right now, before you could leave me gloom…

Dubious I’m not, for I trust in you…

Dying to hear……. The rest from you!!

3-2-2009 7:30 pm

We knew… but we forgot!!!!

Ooh my god.. shucks it is 8’o clock in the morning.. mom, y dint u wake me up… god this alarm, I tell you gosh… ran to the washroom, took a bath for namesake.. ofcourse cant forget to brush my teeth.. Auto.. it is the busiest thing which you will see in chennai.. No autowala’s will be free but thy take you for a ride if, thy know how desperate you are to get hold of one.Charging through my noise, do I have time to bargain.. saw the watch..8:45, thats OK.. no time for all this market research.. after all I am late even today.. lol!

Entering to see all my guys in front of the system… I gasp like a pig after running it up with the stairs… tick.. tick.. tick.. thts the sound I hear… jus the clock.. my best friend turn’s his head frm the system gave me his sheepish smile.. I got the tint of tht… came to my chair…9:40.. 10 mins late today… Thr comes a voice behind calling my name.. I read, the world’s sweetest sound wt a ear can hear is someone calling ur name…. but not today…. not today tooooo…….

Sir, here I go… sat and thought of giving all the explanations I have rehearsed while coming in the Auto but in-vein.. Managed to pass yet another day’s morning drama.. thn came to my system took a deep breath.. saw my gang.. silently I smiled.. thy laughed! we all laughed out.. Sunita called me Ahangari.. a typical mallu slang.. Hafiz gave me a look.. another creature my best pal… as always called me Mokhaa…eninaiku ennaa achu? thts in Tamil.. Muti – Lingual our guys are whn I get to hear thm teasing me.. hours keeps passing like minutes.. with all the comments we pass at one another..

Lunch break… pondering at other’s box something like a ritual we have practiced ever since our schooldays, can’t give it up.. managed to get the taste of all the home food’s.. discussion over the lunch… from movies.. to song’s to food to teasing each other.. and little gossips… sshhhhh now!  Saw the clock, lunch break over…We after all work at times..remembering tht we start working after our lunch break..bit weird understandable..

Thn came the tea-break… we are to make our own cup of coffee’s so.. my best pal and I were sitting over a coffee table and giggling subtly on things. There came our own Krishnamurthy sir.. the same person who gives me advice on time mgt, everyday..We acknowledged his presence and continued sipping our coffee.. thr came a request asking us to pass the Coaster, we stopped sipping the coffee for a sec, looked at each other.. none of us responded..as if we dint hear, we managed to linger in the aroma of our coffee..

Again came the same request.. now we had no choice.. my friend and I looked at each other.. and we looked at our sir.. Coaster…? now wt is tht?? Is wt we both were thinking.. he showed his hand towards the small wooden piece… oohhhh this is Coaster.. (our Mind thought) he asked us, don’t u know wt a Coaster is…my friends reply….. “We knew…but we forgot “...!!!! coffee was spilled, I could nt handle it anymore.. Laughed out..ohhhh my god.. such an answer was never predicted out of him…Coaster, “we knew but we forgot”… sir, dint respond much,… don’t know if he even heard my friend saying tht…

Saw the clock, 6:30.. din’t know how times passed so quickly… every day thr is something or another to laugh abt.. today it remains as a nostolgic thought, which I can write about.. Missing all my buddies and those fun time we had @ work….


World Cup Hockey in India – 28th Feb – 13th March

World Cup.. the name glorifies and tickles our adrenaline only to relate to the only game we have given our Heart, Mind and Soul to is Cricket. Rightly told, We kill our own talents..Hockey is just a game now with so much of History.. and so shall it remain we have decided.. History never repeats itself? True? No clue.. But today History is repeating itself in our own Motherland.. The Land of Diversity, The Land of Unity, The Land of  Nationality.

It is after 28 years that India would be hosting the hockey World Cup, a far cry from the days when they were among the top hockey-playing nations of the world, having last won the Cup way back in 1975. We have given our hands then, but now the legends live in books and as Statues, we honor them and remember them on respective days.. or may be while reading an article in a corner of the Daily.

we still remember the first stage show of our’s.. searching for those eyes from our family.. a small wave from one corner among so many people made us feel, we are just in front of only those who have come to see our performance… a boost to our energy, we smiled and danced with all the happiness we can, ended up hearing from our mom and paa, my child was so good on the stage today, probably because, for their eyes we were the only child so beautiful on that particular day…

Feb 28th – March 13th there will be eyes-es searching for us… their will be that waiting for one wave from one corner among those hundreds.. some where there will be that anxiety in those hearts of our National Team entering our own Major Dhyanchand National Stadium in our Capital city to see a glimpse of we standing for them.

What have we done or what is that we can do.. may be few will read this as just yet another article, or some of you may may think wt can we do abt this…. or few among you may decide, Lets be a part of it.. always their is a choice.. and the choice leads us to be a legend for others to follow.

Jai Hind!


Hello world!

Dear all sizzling bloggers here,

I am Ramya Rajagopal, a just born for blogging today.. would like to get introduced to u all and let you know, you are always welcome to walk in my home and be a part of me, in my journey of writing.

Take care and Have a Gr8 day.