Heels and Personalities!

There are more than 3 reasons I wanted to write this post. First and the Foremost reason, an Image in the TOI newspaper the result, my writing!

Heels & Personalities - New1

Reason No: 1 Can you ever imagine someone telling you, how confident are you by looking at your length of your heels, or how Less Confident you are because you choose to wear a close – toes sandals, or else, even better one, how High- Maintenance demanding Women you could be just because your favorite color turned out to be Hot Pink or Neon Yellow, or keeping the best for the last, how Laid- Back personality you are because you ended up wearing Flats as you thought they were comfortable for your heel, if you cannot imagine, well, that’s exactly what this US research is trying to educate us and thus, decided the Indian Newspaper to spread the Word to the World!

Reason No 2: There were couple of incidents that happened in my life recently that I wanted to share. – It was a humid day and I had a client call to take, so decided to wear an Indian Formals – Neatly Pressed – Starched – Salwar kameez and there was a colleague of mine who had accompanied me on our call, the meeting went well, and we took a small stroll to get to the nearest coffee shop, on the walk, I sensed my friend wanted to say something to me and she was reluctant, understood her vibes and told her to tell me whatever she wants and I was educated that, most of the clients takes us seriously on our business calls when we wear Western Formals and the dress which I wore that day, probably made me look casual and that meant I dint mean Business and she had told me to remember it next time, and till today I had not forgotten that.

Similar incident happened when I was to give one of my images to the designer for my business card, and I decided to give one perfect picture of mine, were I’am wearing a Saree, the first and the impromptu answer I received from my husband was, why this picture why don’t you give the other one you in blazer, and my question was Why? What’s wrong with this one? and very much to what my friend wanted me to remember, I was once again reminded by my husband saying, Corporates take you seriously in your business when you are well dressed in Western Formals, I was like ahh huh..

Reason No:3  Wanted to draw a connection between the Heels and Personalities. Just beside the Heels and Personalities Image, this picture caught my eyes, Isn’t it indeed an irony to see How length of a small wooden piece in your footwear can actually define your personality and on the other – hand What that same length we call Heels can Exactly Do To Our Body?  The Famous Falls!

What Happens you wear heels

I chose to wear a Flat not because I think I’am a Laid – Back Personality, I chose to wear a Hot Pink sandal not because I’am a High- Maintenance demanding women, I chose to wear a Close – Toe – sandals not because I am Less Confident, or I chose to wear a wide short heel not because I’ am insecure, In-fact the very very reason I choose to wear What I feel like makes me a strong thinker using my brain to Think – Choose – Act & Take my walk – Simple!

Flats & Indian Formals – From Laid – Back to Leading Forward Personalities:

FotorCreated - Women Power

The first one to display Women Empowerment – She is Ms.Indira Gandhi – First Female Prime Minister of India – Was called The Iron Lady, The Next Stands Tall is the Ms. Chanda Kochhar – Managing Director of ICICI – India’s Largest Private Bank and Overall Second Largest Bank in the Country – Next sitting with much Elan is Ms. J Manjula – First Women Director General – DRDO  and Along with them I Stand as Ramya Rajagopal – Director of GEESE – India’s Leading Corporate Training and Leadership Coaching Company!

We chose to wear Indian Formals not because we did not know how to carry on a western formals neither because for others to have us taken casually, we chose to wear a Flats not because we are a Laid – Back Personalities neither because we did not know how to take our walk on those pointed Heels, its because we have more self-awareness to do what is right for our body, for the day, time, hour we are in.

Does that mean I don’t support Blazers and Formals, Skirts and Shirts – Absolutely not, I love to wear them at my choice that I would Choose, and that does not define what or who I’am!

Don’t try to find our strengths in our foot because we mean business in our Head!

100 days before I turn 30!

daisies-green-background - Quote

Dec 21 2015 I shall officially bid farewell to my 20’s, before I do that, I have 100 days to fulfill my Vision of 20’s. When I was in my 2nd year Business Management there was a class were I was asked to draw my Entrepreneurial dream, and I still remember what I drew, A company named ushas ( Inspired from my mother’s name Usha) I drew what we were taught, the Organizational ladder, vision, mission, purpose, Business strategy, how shall I sell my product/service, and I recollect how my name as the CEO was written in Block letter and I knew that minute I had sketched down my dream for the first time on a sheet of paper.

2006 when I finished my college and started to work, like any other mother, mine too wanted to get me married, and like any other girl I retaliated, what? No way, I’m just in my 20’s why get married so soon was my answer, and yes, she was extremely understanding and liberal, her statement was, you keep doing what you are doing, I shall do what I’m doing, I remember going to her work place once and her colleague asked me so Lady when are you getting married – and my impromptu answer was, when I become an Entrepreneur and have my own company and I told that with heaps and bound of confidence in myself and that Uncle I shall do it in 5 years from now! Bingo

Last year, my mom and I had visited him and his first question was so, are you now an Entrepreneur? With no words spoken I exchanged my Business Card with him, written Ramya Rajagopal – Director – GEESE and my Mom with all her pride was explaining him about my company giving me no little worry to explain what we do, and I hear him say – Oh, so the Little Lady did do what she did say huh? and he recollected my statement I shall do it in 5 years from now and he did a little calculation. When you met me you were 23, 5 years – 28! GEESE was Incorporated 2013, exactly 28 years I was – Nailed it!

My next vision for my 20’s was to enhance my knowledge on the field of Training and Development. Today I stand in front of you as the South India’s first woman licensed auditor of Dianetics – which is a study on the relationship between the mind and the body from the institute of Scientology – Delhi, Erickson College International, Vancouver – Canada accredited to ICF – International Coach Federation – Certified Coach, A post-Graduate in Psychology, Thomas International Certified Behavioral Trainer. The number of participants who have been personally Trained and Coached by me crosses 1,67,793 founder of GEESE, A Corporate Training and Consulting Firm which specializes on Experiential Learning, Behavioral Training, Executive Coaching, Soft Skill enhancement, and Warrior Within. “Era of LeadHERship” stands today as one of the most impactful workshop exclusively for Women were they are trained and coached on business and Life Skills by several successful women entrepreneurs and Leaders across India who are specialist in their own field.

My next Vision on my Wish-list before I complete my 20’s is writing my name Ramya Rajagopal ACC (ICF) Associate Certified Coach from International Coach Federation, where I will need 100 Coaching hours completed. The Irony here is, when you believe in yourself you make miracles happen. When your result is directly proportional to others believing in you, your dream’s dwindling happens.I don’t have to become a Robin Sharma,  Richard Branson, Marshall Goldsmith, Jack Welch, or Antony Robbins for then you shall trust in me as a best Entrepreneur & Successful Coach,I shall get there soon, I want Ramya Rajagopal an Indian Women’s name to be there on the list. I want you to believe me for what I have been made of. I want you to believe in me, for I believe in Indians are natural transformationalist, I want you to believe in your Country’s Values, In your Country’s Ethnicity, In your Country’s History, I want you to believe in your ancestors DNA who had the ability to Invent Zero, to Invent Surgery, to Invent Binary Number System, and countless Innovations in field of Mathematics, Science, Medicine, Astrology, Philosophy, History, Education, and lastly, I want you to believe In your own ability – in your own self.

In almost all the field we look upto the west, is it because we don’t have any talent, knowledge, wisdom and experience here, or is it because we have been trained in our DNA to look upto them. Remember? We are country with the History of Independence which is just 68 years old, which means we could very well be the First generation Doctors, Engineers, Scientist, Educationalist in our family, which almost makes it crystal – clear the reason why we look upto the English names even today.

“A team wins when the individuals win; An Individual wins when the teams win!

I am going to knock your door soon, You may want to charge me with loneliness – or a want of sense,you may want to welcome me – or you may want to make me think I’am not there yet, I leave that thought for you to decide, but I’m sure my knocking will not end, not until I carve my name in the History of Training and Development — not until An Indian Training Companies name stand tall among the west, not until I have fulfilled the purpose of starting GEESE – Enhancing Peoples Lives!

I’am more than sure this 100 days shall be the best days of my 20’s for I have a vision to compete and I have a dream to complete!