About Me

Abt me….. hmmm thts a difficult one to express abt oneself, tht too while u know thr are millions of people reading it. Should it be precise, or lengthy, should it be professional, or witty… ohh my god. so many thoughts pondered in my brain while I managed to write a few abt myself.  I read in an article for the launch of a book, wherein the author said,  it is best whn you have your best friend do the introductory part,  he/she would manage to tell all the lies thy can…how true! so missing my best friends now…

I am Ramya Rajagopal, A Corporate Trainer by profession. Born and raised in Chennai.. a city which sometimes worth spending little time on exploring its own beauty. Noisy, yet some where musical.. I love Chennai.. been with it for 25 yrs now.. oopss tht tells my age..

Having a passion for writing from my school days led me to end up in blogging today.

So here I am giving my introduction to you all. It was so nice to see you all home. Do drop in again.

Thank you for your time taken in knowing me.




3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi I really happy to see your website its peaceful and worth thanking you,
    yours friendly,
    Mohamed Hilal

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