You are Precious!

Brands don’t define me, Price tags don’t define me, my holiday destinations don’t define me, Which place I go out to eat, drink or socialize with whom don’t define me, cars don’t define me, how much the needle moves on my weighing scale for sure don’t define me, my dresses definitely don’t define me, my past, my present, my future don’t define me, which salon I go, which jewellery I wear don’t define me, the k races at the twitter, Instagram and Facebook don’t define me, want to know what truly defines me – My laugh that shatters the roof defines me, my smile that brings a twinkle in other’s eyes defines me, the unconditional love for the other human being defines me, being there for someone who is in need defines me, a silent prayer and a shed of a tear for some unknown’s suffering defines me, the books I read, the woods I walk by defines me. And last but not the least me wanting to be not defined, defines me! Girls don’t get defined of what others think or what they make you believe – You are born not to be defined by rules but to Rule!

Stay Blessed – Stay Strong!

Sending you all, my love

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