Day 13: Books and Me


Its 11:10pm right now, which leaves me to do my NaBloPoMo 13th day in less than 50 Minutes. So here I dive in.

Today is been good, I got this book, One Indian girl from the stores yesterday and I found myself glued to the book my entire day. It is a breezy and a witty book. No doubt you shall find Mr. Chetan Bhagat from the very first page you held to the last page to close. Easy on language, witty, good and breezy read, here and there you might laugh, page turner to some extent, absolute Bollywood way of ending the climax. Have nothing to do, grab this one – Total Time Pass!

What I loved the most in my day other than reading was being along. I had always wanted to be alone, sip a cup of coffee, read an entire book at one go all by myself with zero disturbance, that never happens with so much work coming in between. Either calls, or work. Being with mom before marriage, reading a book to myself at one go was next to impossible. She would keep yelling my name once an hour to see if I’m there wondering where else I would go, but calling my name out every other hour was a routine. Either to show her love through cup of tea or a snack, or telling me about the relatives, or watching a movie or shouting from one room for me to get up and come out to see, it’s my favorite song that was on TV. Being alone in your own room when you have people around at home sorry, not happening

I have been married for 3 years now, and in this 3 years I would have read multiple books. My husband knows my love for reading, but it’s very rare I get to spend my entire day on a book without getting disturbed. Hrishi slipped into my mom’s roll with ease. With mom I at least had a chance to win a fight to let me be alone to finish what I have in hand after she understood being alone and enjoying my own time did not mean I was sad, depressed, had a bad fight with my friends or had been stressed. Making her understand and accustom to my “me time” took me a while and before I could reap the benefit of my hard work, I was here being married.

How do I say, being alone is nice, very nice, actually enjoyable.  Imagine you can just be with a book you love, read through it all by yourself, melt in the wonder filled land of your imagination with absolute no knocking in the door to get up and see what is it about, isin’it a bliss? I do need validation on many other opinion of mine, on this one, I take your silence as Yes! lol 🙂

Books and me are great combination and with no people around we are at our best. Today Hrishi had stepped out and I was happier like a child being left alone at home by parents. Didn’t jump on the sofa’s nor did I spill the cream, was quite a good girl took my book, made few cups of coffee now and then sat on my couch happily and finished the book to my satisfaction with zero disturbance and I totally loved my space. One book at a go, nice nah!

What I love reading a book every time is, my imagination of when I would complete my paper work of writing my novel. When would I make my story real to read turning pages to pages. As I read in Crossword, I love to be writer, what I hate the most is the paper work. I wonder how my reader’s would take my book one day in their hand reading it, imagining it, and seeing their world through my words. That would indeed be one best day of my life.

I shall keep my writing on believing one day, You shall get to read my story too.

Stay Blessed 🙂



2 thoughts on “Day 13: Books and Me

  1. It is really nice to have a whole day to read a good book that draws you in and makes you feel as if you are part of that world that is depicted in the book. I love reading! Thank you for this lovely post about the joys of having a peaceful day with a good book.

    1. Hey, Alice I am glad to welcome you to my club. Makes me feel, I’m not the only one.. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and Thank you for sharing few words, Appreciate it much. I write for you all. Keep coming and keep spreading love!

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