Day 12: What would you like to hear from me?


I have been staring at my screen for sometime now, this is a nth time, I’m typing something and deleting something. As we proceed with Day 12 of NaBloPoMo, I already feel I have ran out of my topics, absolutely stuck with zero ideas, I have a commitment to keep, I have a promise to standby, I have you, to not disappoint.

So, here I’m freewheeling my thought with absolutely no content, absolutely no concrete ideas, absolutely no idea on what would you like to hear from me.

I know I can use prompts, I have used 1 so far may be I didn’t feel like  using any now.  I have had a busy day today. Work kept me occupied didn’t know how time went by. Even when I was at work, here and then I was thinking what to write today, but nothing came across my mind. Perhaps, I’m little more than I actually thought I’m occupied with my thought.

I wouldn’t keep this blog long, for I know there is a tomorrow to write for and I would be happy to come back and talk to you with some strong thought, something crazy, something funny, something weird, something serious,  if you are still here reading my blog, then do something for me, let me know what would you like to hear from me.

Good Night!

With Love



2 thoughts on “Day 12: What would you like to hear from me?

  1. Don’t worry Ramya! I felt the same way today so I just decided to write some thoughts about what I’ve learned from participating in NaBloPoMo so far as this is my first time. I was thinking of writing something funny tomorrow, like embarrassing moments haha! Just to keep things fun! Have a good day:)

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