Day 9:Rise and Fall of a Dream..!

Rise and Fall of a dream

Have you dreamt, seeing yourself living a life king size? Have you dreamt, doing all those things you ever wanted to do in your dream in the real life at least once? Have you felt lonely amidst of hustle-bustle busy day at work? Have you felt the Rise and Fall of your dream?

Writing this blog with this headline is so apt given to what is happening around the world today. The US had seen a much awaited, most dramatic Presidential Election results tonight, where Mr. Trump has become the President of the United States of America and the much assumed to be the First Women promising Presidential candidate Ms. Hilary Clinton goes back home to sleep to wake up as a normal citizen of the country tomorrow, Rise and Fall of a dream with just .4% difference. I guess that’s how it happens everywhere.

To talk about India,  people who witnessed the historic moment last night at 08:00pm where our Honorable Prime Minster Mr. Narendra Modi addressed our Nation with just one masterstroke announcement scrapped 500 rupee notes along with 1000 rupee notes to say India declares war on Black Money. With just that announcement people with stacked up hot cash became pauper overnight. Rise and Fall of dream – for absolute good this time!

I have seen my dream rise and fall, I have seen my dreams fall and rise again, when I say I have, I come from the courage of pursuing a dream, a dream that is more than just a dream to me today, I come to you with the wisdom that my spiritual guru bestowed upon me to write about what I have felt, seen, known with the little very little experience I have gained. I’m standing right in front of you and talking straight to your heart as for some reasons that the universe know you have clicked the link above and thus hearing me speak to you. I Thank you for reading me today.

When I was handling a training program in Chennai for 25 budding leaders, I realized everyone has, had and is still having a dream that they would love to pursue, to my curiosity I wanted to know if that is so close to their heart then why hasn’t the persuasion happened. Reason were thousands, I understood there was a rise and fall of a dream!

Today Indian origin names are making it the headlines. Two of them are the CEO’s of the Gaint International names, and the question arised was, what was stopping India to reflect that 2% everywhere else?  The answers received was, 90% blaming others, situations, circumstances, and even government was not spared. How come a 5 year ruling party be the reason for killing your dream that’s ruling you? How come a person, a thing, a situation become the reason for you not feeding your dream? How can we settle for mediocrity when excellence is just next door for us?

I did a little research, We come from a country that has been ruled, we have always been told what to do, for us what others think becomes the atmost priority than to consider what we think, probability could be even that thought will need a third perspective to know if that thought was worthy a thought to even think about.

We need approvals, and the more approvals you get, the more you feel strong to pursue your thoughts making it a reality, may it be right or may it be wrong, approvals control our destiny. So what happens if we don’t get approved? What happens when our destiny is controlled? What happens when our dreams get pulled down?

We need our dreams to pull us up when we need them the most and our dreams need us too to be pulled up when they need us the most. Don’t kill your dream for the sake of who? where? When? How? and why?

Never stop believing, never stop dreaming, Never doubt  and please never stop fighting for your dreams for the simple reason it may fail, It may fail one day, but trust me you would be happy to see yourself doing and failing that to stand tall and see you have done nothing at all. To all the men, women,  boys and girls I have known and to all you reading my blog now, remember, nothing, just nothing makes you stronger than standing and making your dream come true and, living that one day of your life, is worth more than anything you could ever imagine!

So go ahead – may your dreams rise and fall, may it fall and rise again!

Stay Blessed, Stay Inspiring and never, ever, ever stop Dreaming!


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