Day 10: Power of PINK..!!!


India vs America, Developing Nation vs Super Power Nation,  Presidential Election vs Power of Pink! Honestly speaking I wasn’t following this election debates in detail, and actually I haven’t followed politics at all, last time it was different when the Obama’s were on fire – they created a wave of YES WE CAN! for sure the Obama’s will be missed. This election was however between Trump and Hillary, both I have had my own reservations for though not knowing a thing about them, the habit of reading newspaper everyday is all that has given me the right to write this one and nothing else.

Though I wasn’t a keen follower of their debates, thanks to the social media for filling me up with the details minute by minute, coming from the fraternity that celebrates the color PINK, somewhere deep in my heart, I wished Hillary could be the President. I wised to see Women power taking over against all odds, I wished to see the Gender Equality was true at last. I was introduced to her name for the first time in 1993 – 2001, when Bill Clinton had became the president and she the First Lady then. I was hardly in my 10th grade to know anything about them and know of her political knowledge of course. I remember vaguely someone saying – She is a very strong women, She is very decisive, and a promising candidate who could become the First American Women President of USA some day.

After 15 years, that one day came. I have read a few articles of her recently, I knew she had even authored few books. Looking back at my memory, I imagined how nice it would be to see then the First Lady as the Fist Women President of the United States of America today.

I had mentally drawn few comparison between my nation and that of hers and I presumed, if we could see Pratibha Devisingh Patil who served as our 12th President of India between 2007 – 2012, what would hold back the most powerful nation in the world, to see Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton as their 45th President in 2016. I was not spared but to believe in the election analysis like the thousands and lakh  of those heartbroken, tear eyed people who had seen the most dramatic election results last night. A blow in the heart. Isn’t USA ready yet to see a lady rule the world, isn’t USA ready yet to break the norm for the first time a 45th time, isn’t USA ready yet to see the White House turn Pink?

Today I was lucky to get The Reserve Bank of India’s highest Denomination I could ever touch – 2000 rupee note. I was happy and what made me feel happier is the color of the note, PINK! My Nation is celebrating the Women Power, My Nation which has always seen and worshiped shakthi in form our deity is celebrating the Nanhi Kali, My Nation is celebrating our journey towards Gender Equality.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the most powerful nation worldwide or you are a developing nation on the run, what all that matters is that, the place we could take as the women in the society. The place we could take as the women at your home. The place we could take as the women at your workplace. The place we could take to find your acceptance.

We are leading a tough fight, a fight that needs to be won over assumptions, a fight that needs to be won over domination, a fight that needs to be won over proclamations, and that is not going to happen without the support of the other side of the world – The Men. We need you to see us more like your companion in all that you do, not just in bed and kitchen alone, we need you to accept us for our strengths. We need you to believe in us, just like how we have believed in you for all these Eras. We are ready to take a work in progress man as our husband just like how you have taken us as your wife, we are ready to take a man who wants to be a homemaker, we are ready for the shift in roles.

Yes, we are vulnerable and that is our strength, we are emotional and that is our strength, we are capable and that is our strength, we are acceptable and that is our strength, we are phenomenal and that is our strength. Its high time logical brain lets emotional brain takeover, physical strength lets vulnerability takeover, the color of blue lets the color of PINK takeover.

If I could say anything to Hillary – these would be it – You put a great fight, You stood tall against all odds, You had inspired all women worldwide, You have taken America by storm, yes, those glass ceilings didn’t come shattering down yesterday, Yes, those victory speeches you had practiced dint get delivered yesterday, Yes those dreams of White House turning PINK was not unveiled yesterday.

It’s not you who weren’t good enough, its just that, the world isn’t ready yet for you to takeover, but the impact you had left is good enough to last a lifetime for someone to takeover, to gather strength and to gather reference.

You have become the torchbearer for the run, and now, there is a lot of work that needs to be done!





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