Day 3: A day to remember in Punjab – Chandigarh!


Day 3 Nablopomo: I need to write about today for sure, what a day it was. I am now in Chandigarh the capital of the northern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana for a training program. Punjab without even my knowledge I have fallen in love with this place for a simple reason, grown up seeing bollywood movies and yash chaopras films, like how shah rukh and kajol has become a part of my life like wise all the festivities, culture, traditions has become a part of my life and no doubt this state’s vibrancy, delicious food and the beginning of an awesome chillness have made me love my stay here.

Today I finished my session, had some time in my hand thought why not step out, and I felt good of my choice of stepping out, if not I would have missed a great deal to witness what this wonderful city had to offer. Chandigarh being a planned city, makes u feel out of the blue moon witnessing how neat they have kept this place, for a moment you forget you are in India.

Wonderful shopping experience, lovely and colorful dhupattas, dress materials, typical punjabi big stone studded ear rings, wonderfully hand crafted  beautiful bangles, paintings, stoles, shawls, and some warm clothes, and yes, definitely bargaining and getting the best deal made me feel a typical women!

After some shopping we headed straight a local dhabha to indulge in some sinful and delicious food of Punjab, why sinful everything that you ask is so much dipped in Desi Ghee with all their love for you and given to you, its just so yum.. so delicious, that You don’t just say finger licking good for just KFC but u would end up saying this and some more to the food and flavors of Punjab.

Even before shopping, we had visited the nearby Rock Garden which is a park featuring sculptures made of stones, recycled ceramics and industrial relics. I seriously felt Alice in Wonderland. It was a maze, a massive, amazing, wonderfully crafted man made sculptures all that you can make from scrap and reusable material is seriously a thought to wonder, how was this even possible and how long he would have taken to do what he has done. If you ever visit Punjab – Chandigarh don’t fail to spend sometime in this Rock garden, you won’t regret.

After all that walking, shopping, eating I came back quickly back to my room, for I had my evening session to go on with. As the time in my watch was nearing 10 pm, and having our dinner all my thought were on Nablopomo, I didn’t want to miss writing, to tell you how my day was, having to appreciate small small things in your life for sure takes you a long way.

Being thankful for all that is happening is a good way to start and end your day, and if that becomes our habit then our life is getting sculpted from the best architect’s hand without any doubt. I had my own troubles posting this one for my data won’t get connected, very limited WiFi access on a snail’s speed, somehow managed to get my hotspot get through from my phone so here I’m writing to you about my 3rd day.

I loved this day and for sure, when I Get back to Mumbai tomorrow, this blog will remind me of our wonderful stay in this great city and I so look forward to coming back here soon to explore some more. While I get prepared for my tomorrow’s session, you don’t forget to appreciate small. little and wonderful things around you.

All things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful the lord god made them all, each little flower that open.. each little bird that sings… remember this world is wonderful for those who have the time to look around through the lens of a beautiful creator!


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