Day 2 – Bravery or Slavery, choice is yours!


Yes, Yes Yes… Day:2 at 23:20…NaBloPoMo!

I have been thinking of today’s topic for some time now, and I thought why not talk about what  happened in my life to you rather than talk about someone else’s, which I would eventually will after all, we have 30 days to go.

The prompts for today in BlogHer caught my eyes – When was the last time you did something brave? What happened?

Well, that is indeed a nice topic to write from my life. I am a Key note speaker, a corporate trainer, Experiential learning specialist, a Leadership coach and a Dianetics Auditor. In the course of my career span for the last 12 years I have been to many conferences, women enclaves, empowerment  workshops, leadership forums, networking and socialising clubs. My recent encounter with Nik Halik was mesmerizing.  He is an Australian financial entrepreneur and Russian trained and aspired cosmonaut, and more than all this an Adventurer. He has dived to the wreck of RMS Titanic, been active as a mountaineer on some of the world’s highest peaks, conducted a HALO skydive jump above Mt. Everest in Nepal, participated in civilian edge of space flight in modified Soviet-built Mig25 Jet, and hearing all this from him made my day on that on conclave, I still remember that last sentence which he told – “When was the last time you did something for the first time”


My job by itself is something to do with bravery, of course training soft skills doesn’t need bravery though, but creating my identity in the field of Training required some amount of it for sure.

I shall not go so far, a recent incident that happened to me few days ago would say it all, for a trainer his/her voice is her elixir for life image loosing that and becoming “MUTE” yes, you heard me right “Completely Mute” – I have had acute infection on my throat due to the pressure  I have put on my voice over the years, and as result  one fine day my voice decided to give up on me, but was I prepared yet to halt my career for this reason? I know I was a fighter – Walking on Fire, Walking on Broken glass pieces,  was all part of my job but this one was emotional – and I as a person quite talkative would be a under playing statement to make on me, so you can imagine my plight.

I had a program to deliver in the next couple of days and it was one of my signature program so thinking of a substitute was next to impossible and the commitment I have personally made to my client made me say – Stay strong Ramya – Just stay strong – Doctor’s advice – take rest, Don’t talk, and yes, Don’t even try whispering  for the next one week, If you have to tell anything use pen and paper  – I made use of my mime skills to tell my doctor how important it was for me to be fit as a fiddle, to make him understand about my need to get well soon, very soon, the need for me to talk. 7 days for too long for me to be mute, I needed my voice back, needed it back in just another 72 hours and my husband seeing me pathetically failing to pass on my message to my doctor told him what I was trying to tell him, and he gave me his ice cold sharp look, took Hrishi out and told him something in private, later I understood, he had strictly restricted me off handling my program, and any risk would result adversing  my condition.

When they both entered the room, I was in my tears, becoming silent for the next 7 days was painful but imagining me not handling my program was even worse. I fought with my doctor tooth and nail for him to do something. I need to be there the day after tomorrow that’s it, he looked into my eyes and told – you so love your profession don’t you – Hrishi replied she lives and dies for it. – complete rest for the next 2 days – No talking, and he gave me 2 injection. I was quite for 2 days but on the third day I managed to speak up, and slowly I was making cuckoo sounds to check my voice. Next day there I was facilitating my program to a standing ovation. None would have believed this story if I would have told them that time and I wanted it that way, just that way. That was me beating my slavery into bravery.

Bravery is not something we are born with, Bravery is not something we  live with, Bravery is taking those small small decision on the right time, beating those circumstances pushing you into slavery of your own thought. Bravery is something you acquire over a period of time, Bravery is something you having the will to take one thing at a time, Bravery is being resilient to whatsoever happening around you and still having the strength to take that one step to keep moving forward, and the result – when you ask yourself what happened after that?  for me it was like scaling the Mt. Everest, feeling like a true winner, a complete leader and yes, a humble human being ready to take one thing at a time and never give up to circumstantial slavery but beat it with absolute bravery!


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