Was that ok?

Alright, this is it, I am now here in front of you, writing about my first upcoming public workshop – Present to Impact~Intensive! It’s a 2 day course, I have capsuled with most easy, effective and efficient method that will help you ease your breath in your presentation. Before even I begin going deep into that, shouldn’t you know about me a bit, I mean Who am I? What is it about Presentation Skills? Why should you reserve a seat for yourself there? and Why in mine?

Well, I’m about to take you to the year 1994, that was the time I was in my 6th grade, I’m sure, as my reader you can picturise me as a tiny thin girl in my school uniform just stepping into her high school with new and old friends, new building, new set of teachers and new set of challenges that was waiting to unwrap into her night mares. It was in her after noon class that her language teacher was making some announcements about the upcoming elocution competition, did I forget to mention “Inter-School” Yes, you read it right, “Inter – School Elocution competition” and she was asking for students nominations and I, was sitting in one those corner benches playing “Name Place Animal Things” with my bench mate, happy in my own bubble. I heard Ramya being called, luckily I have 3 Ramya’s in my class and for the first time in my life I remembered thanking my mom for keeping that “Common Name” otherwise which I use to complain about, then thunder bolt struck, breaking my bubble and bringing me back to my senses making me realize we were in our language class, and the other 2 Ramya’s have chosen Hindi and French leaving me the one and only Ramya in my class.

I stood up with trembling feet and any minute about to cry look in my face, she calls me close to her and I walk, I still remember that walk I took with heavy palpitation and for the first time feeling, heart coming out of the mouth, hate it. She took pity on me, anyone who saw me that minute eventually would have, but that pitiness dint last long for she had called me to ask some basic questions of my primary school and confirming my last name to go in for the nomination list. My world swirled back in and around me! Ramya Rajagopal – Representing Anna Adarsh Matriculation Higher Secondary School for the Inter – School Elocution Competition! yeah right, first time in my life I experienced “Heart-Attack” may be would the Guinness World Record team had known this news then, today I would have held a record for the Worlds youngest to have survived a massive heart-attack at the age of 10!



I retaliated, I argued, I fought, I cried, days passed, stood in front of her teacher’s cabin during mid-breaks, lunch-breaks, and even after the school hours while she use to correct the students notes and test papers ignoring one live specimen standing in front of her asking her to take my name off the list and letting me live free from those night mares I started getting the very first day my name was announced. I thought of taking my mom to my rescue, but knowing her she would consider not to hear me out but to congratulate my teacher for her action. I was such a shy kid! Days kept passing and I kept trying hard, harder and hardest to convince her I’m no good. She chose to speak to me one final day seeing my determination, my winning antenna was flittering all sides in joy.

Her spoken words “Ramya watching you for the last couple of days, I can see that you are a very strong and persuasive child who will go way out to get your things done, and that is making me feel right about my decision in nominating your name. Rather than wasting your time standing here and convince me otherwise, why don’t you go up their to the library and prepare.You are representing your School, remember. Prepare to lose or else Prepare to Win! Choose your choice Ramya, and I chose latter!

Today after 21 years, when I look back connecting the dots,that nomination was the best ever thing that happened to me in my life. I was left with no choice than Fight~Prepare~Win, rest is a history!

Listening to Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Garr Reynolds, Nancy Duarte, Robin Sharma, Dr.Sashi Tharoor,Devdutt Pattnaik, Arunachalam Muruganandham , Shekar Kapoor, Nandan Nilekani and many other extra ordinary presenters and innovative minds, I had a dream of becoming one of these legends, but then I took a step back and saw the same names one more time, this time mine written beneath theirs and I saw my name blur, that minute I realized, I can be a much better Ramya than be a pretend Oprah!

With over 12 years of experience in Corporate Training and Experiential Learning, imparted training to over 1,00,000 participants through 1,500 and more training programs in 3 countries and 21 years of experience in Public speaking and Presentations, today I stand in front of you as a Erickson College International Certified Business and Life Skill Coach. ” When you learn, teach; When You get, give!

For all those people who take their trembling walk every morning towards the team/client/business/sales meetings, for all those who survive a massive heart attack right before presenting their ideas, for all those who want to give a killer presentation, Present to Impact will be your calling, because than anyone else I understand the depth of“Was that ok”

Interested to know more about Present to Impact – Intensive workshop,Happy to hear from you or even other wise call me – 98408-00779. or else, happy to read your queries/feedback/suggestion – geesetrainingindia@gmail.com

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