Heels and Personalities!

There are more than 3 reasons I wanted to write this post. First and the Foremost reason, an Image in the TOI newspaper the result, my writing!

Heels & Personalities - New1

Reason No: 1 Can you ever imagine someone telling you, how confident are you by looking at your length of your heels, or how Less Confident you are because you choose to wear a close – toes sandals, or else, even better one, how High- Maintenance demanding Women you could be just because your favorite color turned out to be Hot Pink or Neon Yellow, or keeping the best for the last, how Laid- Back personality you are because you ended up wearing Flats as you thought they were comfortable for your heel, if you cannot imagine, well, that’s exactly what this US research is trying to educate us and thus, decided the Indian Newspaper to spread the Word to the World!

Reason No 2: There were couple of incidents that happened in my life recently that I wanted to share. – It was a humid day and I had a client call to take, so decided to wear an Indian Formals – Neatly Pressed – Starched – Salwar kameez and there was a colleague of mine who had accompanied me on our call, the meeting went well, and we took a small stroll to get to the nearest coffee shop, on the walk, I sensed my friend wanted to say something to me and she was reluctant, understood her vibes and told her to tell me whatever she wants and I was educated that, most of the clients takes us seriously on our business calls when we wear Western Formals and the dress which I wore that day, probably made me look casual and that meant I dint mean Business and she had told me to remember it next time, and till today I had not forgotten that.

Similar incident happened when I was to give one of my images to the designer for my business card, and I decided to give one perfect picture of mine, were I’am wearing a Saree, the first and the impromptu answer I received from my husband was, why this picture why don’t you give the other one you in blazer, and my question was Why? What’s wrong with this one? and very much to what my friend wanted me to remember, I was once again reminded by my husband saying, Corporates take you seriously in your business when you are well dressed in Western Formals, I was like ahh huh..

Reason No:3  Wanted to draw a connection between the Heels and Personalities. Just beside the Heels and Personalities Image, this picture caught my eyes, Isn’t it indeed an irony to see How length of a small wooden piece in your footwear can actually define your personality and on the other – hand What that same length we call Heels can Exactly Do To Our Body?  The Famous Falls!

What Happens you wear heels

I chose to wear a Flat not because I think I’am a Laid – Back Personality, I chose to wear a Hot Pink sandal not because I’am a High- Maintenance demanding women, I chose to wear a Close – Toe – sandals not because I am Less Confident, or I chose to wear a wide short heel not because I’ am insecure, In-fact the very very reason I choose to wear What I feel like makes me a strong thinker using my brain to Think – Choose – Act & Take my walk – Simple!

Flats & Indian Formals – From Laid – Back to Leading Forward Personalities:

FotorCreated - Women Power

The first one to display Women Empowerment – She is Ms.Indira Gandhi – First Female Prime Minister of India – Was called The Iron Lady, The Next Stands Tall is the Ms. Chanda Kochhar – Managing Director of ICICI – India’s Largest Private Bank and Overall Second Largest Bank in the Country – Next sitting with much Elan is Ms. J Manjula – First Women Director General – DRDO  and Along with them I Stand as Ramya Rajagopal – Director of GEESE – India’s Leading Corporate Training and Leadership Coaching Company!

We chose to wear Indian Formals not because we did not know how to carry on a western formals neither because for others to have us taken casually, we chose to wear a Flats not because we are a Laid – Back Personalities neither because we did not know how to take our walk on those pointed Heels, its because we have more self-awareness to do what is right for our body, for the day, time, hour we are in.

Does that mean I don’t support Blazers and Formals, Skirts and Shirts – Absolutely not, I love to wear them at my choice that I would Choose, and that does not define what or who I’am!

Don’t try to find our strengths in our foot because we mean business in our Head!


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