An Eternal Eulogy ~ Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam…!


October 15th 1931 – July 27th 2015

I know its not easy for me to write this post, I know its not an easy task for me to bid farewell to you, I know I can see my tears becoming unstoppable for you, I know for sure I haven’t cried for any President who are resting at peace along with you.. I know I can feel the numbness I’m going through.. I’m sobbing for the reason only you and I know,  A sense of Vacuum my heart is feeling now, and I know Its going to be tough without you, I haven’t gathered strength to write an Eulogy all this time in my life no, for heaven sake not for you to begin with at least, but I know I need to write this one now, I know I need to write this one for you, for this is the last moment I would ever have, I shall ever cherish writing something for you once and that this shall stay forever with me for this is the last moment I can say How much you mean to me and How much u have mentored me in my sleepless nights and in my silent fright.

You taught me to say “Yes to my Flaws” ” Yes to my Faults” ” Yes to my Dreams” ” Yes to my Hopes” “Yes to my Failures” “Yes to my Success” “You taught me to stay proud of being a last bencher” “You taught me to say “Yes to Myself” You had Ignited my Mind, you had given Wings of Fire to my dreams..!!!

I knew you were getting old, but I had told several times to myself, Age is just a number and you shall shine strong for long, How many times I had come to try my luck of meeting u, knowing or hearing people say you drop in here – you drop in there for a cup of coffee sometimes, or for a convocation sometimes or to address youth gatherings sometime, or simply to plant a sapling sometime, when I had been to Rameshwaram too I had asked my friend to take me to to your place just to get a glimpse of you, but looks like the lady luck had her own reason for making my dream stay only a dream for now!

Did I say I have a connection with you, Yes I do, It started way back in 2003 -2006 my Under Graduation period it was, a golden period of India too..2002 -2007 for we had you as our President – You were 71 years young then and your energy electrified we students, we had called u Youthful President!

I’m at loss.. I’m at darkness.. I’m at shock.. My First Appointment letter was signed by you, I should have treasured it, I know, I was just a student then working with All India Radio for the Youth Wing and dint know it was a piece of jewel I was holding onto… I had written an article addressed to you which is unpublished and kept safe with me till today, which was about the Experience we few students had in Madras Regimental Centre, I had your books in my hands, reading about you was my pleasure, sharing knowledge about you to my friends was my treasure, wanting to meet u was always my dream ever, now it shall stay safe deep in my heart like that forever.

I knew you were to go to Shillong.. but just dint know you were on a journey to never return… I miss you will be a small word to say.. as I know this tears tell me I have missed a part of mine now.. Loved you, Admired You, Connected with you and may be one day we shall meet for my dreams to come true.. One day.. someday till then Rest In Peace A. P. J.Abdul Kalam.

A warm hug I feel now, for sure believing it is from you my guardian Angel…!


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