Bahubali with some of The Best & The Most Beautiful Management Insights

bahubali bannerI write from the belief, by now you should have watched this Epic movie or at least for sure you must have heard of it, When I went to the theaters to watch this movie, should agree I was in awe of it, spectacular, mind-blowing, beautiful, super interesting and thought – Provoking. I watched the movie and came out of it as every one else did, the one movie after Titanic that kept playing, re-playing in my mind was this one for sure. Scene after scene, sequence after sequence was being vividly displayed, I wonder at the ability of the saying” What your eyes can see, your mind can perceive” well, in this case it was absolute truth. My mind kept playing all that I saw on the big screen one more time like a movie being played on a Television. I enjoyed resting myself on my couch, eyes closed, loving and relishing the Beautiful Milky White Waterfall, The Spectacular “Mahishmathi” Kingdom, The Everest Like Rocks which the hero climbs on, The Breath-Taking war sequence and the Thought-Provoking moment…….

Mind: Rems, Heart:Hmmmm….. Mind: Rems… Heart: Yeah…… Tell me…I’m listening, Mind: Remi.. – Don’t you see it? Heart: What? my heart asked my mind, My mind again replayed the movie one more time, You Idiot – Now Watch it, Watch for not seeing but for seeking my mind ordered, and my heart obeyed! This time quite slow unlike the other times, eyes still closed… The Movie “Bahubali.. The Beginning” played in my beautiful mind at the end my eyes opened, my hands searched for the Laptop and I knew I had to write what I discovered.

While I said, it was Thought – Provoking, what I meant was, the way in which I saw the movie on the nth time.. From the Eyes of not an admirer.. but from the Eyes of an administrator and what my mind meant by “not for seeing but for seeking was… The Great Management Lessons this Movie had Given us”…! Allow Me…!! 

Shiva as the Protagonist plays his role quite charmingly, Girls, I cannot go without agreeing – Quite Hot and 🙂 as a child he tries climbing the very slippery, Very dangerously, unimaginable water fall to its heights, and he isn’t a hero yet, so he slips down, falls at his back, looks back at the rocks and tells to himself One Day..!

Days pass, he sets himself on a Mission Impossible – he slips, he falls, he tries, he climbs higher and higher one climb after another, then comes the Quantum Leap that he needs to take to reach his destination, He falls again one more time from a great height.. His friends do tell us the number of times he had fallen from the same point, but he never quits, then he gets a purpose for his pursuit, while he had passion to reach to the top before, he understands the power the Purpose, when you mix the Passion with the Purpose at the right Proposition the Magic Works

“Quantum Leap – Happens”  – Lesson No 1 – Stop not, Until you reach you goal…!


As Shiva, successfully does the herculean task of mountaineering, he encounters his lady love of his dreams, Beautiful, Naive, Soft and Wonderful young girl, to his surprise the reality of his dream girl was nothing like he dreamt, there she was right in front of him standing, With fearless Eyes, Emotionless Lips, Completely covered in an armored outfit, Tall, Tough and Strong. A warrior? Yes, Indeed she was a Warrior – Avantika! There is a scene in the movie where she see’s her reflection on a standstill water and she shakes if off… then “The taming -of-the-shrew” happens through a song, where she ends up seeing her reflection in the water one more time – Beautiful transformation “From the eyes of the beholder” she was standing right before him as exactly as he had dreamt of her, An angelic young lady, she see’s herself nothing like how she has seen or known herself before, her Kajaled eyes, Naturally Pigmented Lips, Armored clothing turned into an outfit to showcase her womanhood, Her neatly tied up hair now loosened and making her look stunning and revealing her true self from all angles.

Lesson No 2: Forget not, Womanhood needn’t be vulnerable and Courage needn’t be skin deep, its soul deep!photofunny.net__final_6898065369_

They show a lady, hands and legs chained to an iron chain, saree completely worn and torn, been ages since she has bathed or even had food, her face all wrinkled, she has been locked up for some reason and we see her walking around collecting small pieces of twigs, the conversation between Kattappa and her, reveals her face for the first time – Devasena! Her eyes full of courage, voice filled with desire to avenge, her heart full of belief one day, someday there shall come her son to rescue her and he shall burn the unjustifiable to ashes and for that day she thou not leave the place of her mighty kingdom – Mahishmathi today! Questioning her action of collecting the twigs, she shows the funeral death-bed that she had been weaving for the past 25 years little by little, twig by twig by her hands in which the lies the end of Bhallaladeva.

Lesson No 3: No matter what circumstances you are chained to, keep doing the right, one thing at a time.. and believe in “This too Shall Pass


He hates him to the core of his heart, his love for his kingdom goes beyond words, he is a man of words, virtue and values! A seasoned warrior! A mighty chieftain whose armoury skills are admired and respected. A person to trust… He is Kattappa! It wouldn’t take less than a micro Milli seconds for Kattappa to chop the head of the cruel king giving justice to Mahishmati. But instead, he chooses to be his shadow of safety and guard him from all disaster which surprises the evil king himself!

Lesson No: 4 – Loyalty may be tested by time, but Victory comes to those who stands with the truth!

satyaraj She is Intuitive, Inspiring, Intelligent and Empowering. She knows the future could unfold many untold secrets, she knows the art of ruling the kingdom, the art of understanding her enemies and the art of never to under-estimate the wolves standing around her.  She is a Chanakya, she is a chivalry, she is Sivagami! She has an eagle’s view, a warm heart, observes everything that is happening in and out, unadulterated love for both her sons, and the verdict of her judgement that is beneficial of her kingdom – Mahishmati than to her family and self.

Lesson No:5 – Decision making is not a science, it’s an Art! Be decisive.

sivagamiBecoming someone you want and being the someone who others want to become are two different things. He is mightier than the sword, Stronger than the storm, Intense than the deep blue sea, He is liberal, He is motivator, He is Leader, He is Fighter, He is Lover, He is Brother, He is saviour,  He is Bahubali!

The war against “Kalakeya” displays the true quality of a great leader. While Bhallaladeva is given stronger and powerful weapons, Bahubali’s weapons doesn’t stand anything that Bhallaladeva has acquired, while Bahubali understands that, he uses his logical brain to think and uses oiled clothes to kill the enemies, while Bhallaladeva uses his weapons to kill innocent people along with the enemies, Bahubali saves the innocent people and ends up killing enemies. Inspite of Kalakeya’s troop outnumbers Bahubali’s to 1:4 ratio, Bahubali uses his limited resource to win the war with glory!

A point comes where Mahishmati troop accepts defeat and start running away, Bahubali calls for his troop, encourages them to stand together and fight until they win, he motivates them with his actions by taking the lead of going towards “Kalakeya” the troop follows his foot-step and Bahubali captures “kalekeya” as he stands in front of him lifting his sword to chop his head right off to the ground, Bhallaladeva uses his weapon to kill “Kalakeya” declaring he killed Kalakeya and thus, he becomes the king, Sivagami stands unbiased by his actions of killing the evil and declares ” Bahubali” The King for his nobility and Leadership quality displayed at the warfare.

Lessons from the War Front:

Bahubali-Movie-New-Posters-and-Designs-36. It’s not How many in your team that makes you a winner; It’s who you are being stood by that counts

Choose wisely!

7. Losers give reasons for failures, Winners use them as an opportunity 

Think out of box

8. Failure is not Final; Victory is not eternal – It’s a journey towards unleashing ones own potential

Don’t fear defeat

9. Motivation and Encouragement doesn’t stand for long just by words – We See – We Do!

Action Speaks Louder Than Words – Act Now.

10. Don’t declare the result even before beginning your best – You are more Powerful than you can ever Imagine  Dream Big!



4 thoughts on “Bahubali with some of The Best & The Most Beautiful Management Insights

  1. Dats a gud description for d movie frm a different perspective. A must read blog even for d bahubali team. Ur words hav created a burning desire for me to watch d movie. Wonderfully thought and beautifully penned down.

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