Indeed a too long break it was…

Well, writing a blog after 2 years of a break is not that easy as I thought it would be I guess.. Yes, 2 years is indeed a too long break I agree… I haven’t taken time to write anything here.. Write will be a higher degree I shall put myself to the ground and confess to even visit or even if I had sometime here and there logged in.. haven’t spent quality time. When I finally decided to pull my socks up and get back to my small space that I have created long time ago, I seriously had my doubts on the blog of mine this time, I heard my little Impish side of my brain being bit funny at me, you see funny is a light word of saying sarcastic.. that’s my new finding in this 2 years you can say.. so It just told me that my blog by now would have become a barren land and that it would be a lost island for me to find my way to…

and when I did type the word the URL did work and it did get me to the site and the hero of my conversation haven’t stopped laughing yet, so what’s next was my question seeing the entry to the world of words.. username and Password????? Yeah Rite.. go ahead Rems.. let’s see what you have got!  was exactly what ran in my mind and I knew to get it right would be a herculean task nevertheless..  I rubbed both my hands against eachother and the warmth from the rub made me feel better.. so there I was trying to get my user name right and that wasn’t difficult but Password? my impish mind was right for once.. I did try my luck on the Password attempts a couple of times.. thank god it wasn’t like one banking site were I have 3 chances. had that been the case here, I’m sure by now I would have been siting and scratching my head over wondering and wandering on thinking how on earth am I gonna start this all over again.. luckily that did not happen., thanks to my memory skills and that’s the reason why you are still reading me.. after I logged in , I sensed a feeling of accomplishment and yes, here I am doing some changes.. add on’s and making my site look better wouldn’t know for a thing if I had done it rightly, 2 years things have changed.. so I keep telling you, Its been 2 years.. what kept me so busy that I couldn’t come here to sit and talk to you guys..

well.. yes, I got married and that’s been 2 years now.. so while the reason could have been politically correct.. I was very well being on my own so did have time to write still I’m now in 2015.. that supports me at the least I guess.. what else held me back I questioned.. and I think to myself having absolutely no clue neither any answers… so I decided to dump the idea of searching for answers and start getting into something I believe I do well.. Writing. So here I’m folks with all smiles and happiness sitting in my world of words.. A small nest that I have created for me to rest a while and pour my thoughts taking me into a new world every time I write a blog!


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