Encounter – Merya Caroline and Steve Marshall at the announcement.

Chapter : 6

After a gap of 3 years today she is getting ready to meet him. Yes, Him… Steve Marshall waiting to see Merya Caroline. An Encounter that was unavoidable now. Next 100 days she would encounter him more than ever. The day and night will go by him. The spot light will make her stand distinct in distant yet so close that her eyes will know where its destination is. Will the Destiny bring them once for all together. Will this 100 days make them fall in love once again or will it take its own turn making it dear departed once again. She closed her eyes with these thought and she knew she was getting fragile for the one she fantasied.

The Party starts at 7pm and she is expected to be there sharp. She retaliated with herself pondering with a bundle of question why…? How..? can I..? Should I..?  Her mind was searching for excuses to say a no to which she knew was next to impossible. May be she too wanted this to happen. she had not just wanted to meet him, she had always dreamt of meeting him. now that the day has come to meet…. she feels she is still not ready..? Her mind was transcribing what needs to be spoken. A Lead of Steve Marshall’s production house is something all that what an actor would dream about and today she is got that offer, and she is hesitant. She was hesitant to the core of her heart not because she was nervous, not because she was timid but she was nostalgic. A nostalgia she is been living on. But the reality was she is been casted with David Marshall and her every move will be absorbed in the eagle’s view from the eyes which only fell on her. She did know David dint she…? The sound of her shower bought her back to the actuality. Seeing herself in the mirror made her look even more beautiful. The long black hair, her radiant skin, her glowing cheeks, and her killer smile was all hers ones again and she exactly knew what will send Steve Marshall shivers and she smiled.

Stepping out of the shower she knew she should dress to kill and she wanted to see that in his eyes, opened her wardrobe her eyes went from one outfit to another, her Oscar winning designer wear, her tube top, her Diamonds embellished off shoulders, her sleek thin waist fit skirt with the high thigh cut, scrutinizing all hers her hands fell on one and she knew it was worth the wait.  As she was about to step out her phone rang and it was Richard. He greeted her with all his warmth and he knew she wanted that now. Dear I shall see you at the party straight. Are you all fine a genuine question was asked and the reply was sure Richard I shall see you at the party and that was with so much happiness without she realizing it. For some reason Richard knew it was a good decision of her’s to accept this offer.  As her car took the drive she was humming an all time hit song from one of those Bollywood movies she grew up with Tujhe Dekha tho hai jaana sanam… pyar hota hai deewana sanam… never did she know she herself would become an actor then and still in her heart she remained that desi girl. The car took a stop and even before stepping down she was surrounded by all cameras and paparazzi’s, she gave them a smile and waved her hands gently sending them all a greeting. Richard came over and hugged her saying you looking wonderful. She answered ‘Thank You’

Sharp 7 it was, and all were waiting for the arrival of Steve Marshall. So did Merya Caroline too. Even before the avenue could know his arrival she knew he was coming, and there he was, like a man of ultimatum, 6 foot tall, clean shaven, well toned arms, with a perfectly cut tailor made thick black suite to enhance his physique for which every women will whoop for and she smiled getting the smell of his Giorgio Armani which still remained the same or has he consciously used it for her is yet to get deciphered. As he got down and walking towards the crew his eyes fell on her’s and he went silent for a moment, his thoughts striking between the past and the present.  Looking at her from the distant, she was glowing on her lavender color plain salwar with a bit of a wide low neck not so much that the cleavage was visible, a perfect cut to stop right there were men’s eyes would drop down for more. It was the same that she had worn when the both had met years ago in Mumbai, for only one difference she has enhanced the neckline with Blue Emeralds and Diamonds to give it a stardom status.The salwar was accessorized with just a single piece of a pearl stud just as the same and her long black hair tied perfectly making her neckline more wanting than ever and she looked more beautiful in his eyes forever.  As he took the walk towards her his mind was boggling with thousands of question. Has she seriously kept this Salwar so safe for all these years? Why has she worn an Ethnic wear I love the most of her’s for such an important occasion? Does this mean she hasn’t moved on?  Steve knew she could read his mind as he neared her, he kept his mind straight and they both greeted each other with an embrace only they knew the meaning for.

The Floor was Waiting, The stage was right, The crew was set, The Production house was ready and so was Steve Marshall and Merya Caroline and the Announcement was made, Ladies and Gentlemen the voice of Steve Spoke  You are officially announced that in 100 days from now Steve Marshall’s Production house for this Valentine’s Day will premier the movie release worldwide. The sound of the champagne popping up was heard and David knew he shall play cupid and Richard Winked.


2 thoughts on “Encounter – Merya Caroline and Steve Marshall at the announcement.

  1. WoW ! Looks like the wait was worth it. I have been wanting to know what next on Merya’s Chapter and here comes a captivating twist.
    You writing has always been truly detail – the way you described her selecting a dress even I was thinking she might end up in some sexy evening gown but the Ethnic Desi Suit was intrigue.
    Loved it Dear – Keep writing 🙂

  2. Thank you Imran. It is refreshing to know even after such a long gap of 1.5 yrs you are still following the story… Im glad to have you as a reader.. and an admirer of Merya and Steve. Merya is always been very choosy whn it comes to her dress and no wonder whn she is gonna meet Steve she would dress to kill…!!! The more is yet to come.

    Thank you for dropping by..!

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