Polarities ~ Opposites Attract…!!!


Merya knew in sometime from now she will be meeting Richard and she could still hear his voice telling it’s about Steve I need to talk to you… She felt like an anachoronist as if she never belonged to this place and time… Yes.. She dint belong to this time of today’s…She suddenly felt cold and she held her hands together as if hugging herself.. Maybe that is what she needed the most now.. She rubbed her own skin and could feel the grip of an hand pulling her from the road, she was walking in the road alone with tears filled eyes.. Lost in the thoughts, lost in the world which she wanted to be in… There was this man’s voice… A voice similar to the roar of a lion, the hand which pulled her was the strongest she could ever sense, the force with which she was pulled made her go so close to him that she was almost there in his shoulders.. Her hands going around him for the support to balance making her black long hair cover her face, she heard a voice asking… Are you crazy? The voice was accompanied with such a strong accent which she could barely follow. After all she has never been with an American before. He wanted to see who is this beautiful dame fallen in his arms as if she heard his thoughts.. Moved her face from his shoulders almost a hug precisely, he could feel her tremble, her shivers, her silence,  her shyness and her tears which was mystical to him. He waited in patience to get the first glimpse of this gal, and there he was seeing she placing her long black hair behind her ears. The rays of golden yellow from the night lamp of the street lights made her look astonishing and he stood astound.

Merya smiled.  She closed her eyes once again to travel back the time track… to see, to feel, to hear, to laugh once again with Steve. She was now walking in silence beside him. She was wearing a lavender colour salwar plain with a bit of a low neck not so much that the cleavage was visible, a perfect cut to stop right there were men’s eyes would drop down for more. She had a unique sense of dressing, the salwar was accessorised with just a single piece of a pearl stud, and she looked more beautiful than ever. The man walking beside her was Steve Marshall, who had taken a visit to Mumbai and now who had taken a walk at the midnight from the hustle bustle sounds of people… he was thanking heavens now for his decision to walk for he has met his mystery gal. His white cotton shirt with blue denim made him look ultra masculine. His plain shaven face, his green eyes and all his thoughts were placed on her. He was talking something just as to give her company for the long walk she is been into, he asked her few questions she replied, his few questions went unanswered, his few questions were answered with sounds of hmmm….he continued talking, wondering ever if she was even listening to him, as they walked and before he could say watch out… she fell down right in front of his eyes and his hands went in a slow motion to his head shocked!!

He had just a while ago pulled her from a vehicle which was about to hit her and now there she is lying down in front of him lacerating her legs. He stretched his hands; she tried getting up but could not. He thought for a while now what to do, in no seconds she was in his arms. She looked at him speechless, seeing the gaze of his green eyes for the first time and the stiffness of his well toned arms and his cologne from Armani made her feel heavenly. He walked over to his hotel room carrying this dame in his hands. It was a shocking and surprising scene for the people in the lobby of the star hotel to see the unpredictable scene, an astral world renowned Hollywood star is carrying a gal who is hurt in her legs was not a scene everyday they get to watch.

The very thought of that night made her feel a pseudo pain at her feet, she rubbed her legs sensing his hands over hers. The car took its turn; she opened her eyes to see Richards home in front of her eyes. She was hallucinating but she knew now she is visiting Richard, and Richard knew how to decipher even her untold tears and sadness. So she quickly took her compact from her Dior hand bad and gave a quick touch up on herself seeing once for the final time if everything on her face was perfect. She felt something was missing was it her smile? She knew how to give a pseudo smile. Didn’t she?? The car entered the lobby and the chauffer opened the door for the lady to get down. She got down; walked a bit; saw Richard standing right in front of her at a distance of a hug. They both hugged, she smiled now… and this was no fake. All her emotions were real when she was with Richard. They both were sitting in front of each other, though Merya didn’t show her nervousness of what is going to be ahead of her, she smiled again taking a sip of a coffee. The coffee was making her feel a bit better. Richard spoke.

Merya, I had a call from Steve’s office this morning. His assistant called me and placed Steve on call. Steve spoke to me. Merya was listening, her heart was thumping at the rate of which only god could say, but she posed calm. Richard continued, Steve is producing his next film. This time he is introducing his sibling David Marshall with the big banner and the production house is hosting a party to announce the cast and crew of the film tonight at Steve’s residence and so he called to invite me and you. Merya was shocked hearing David Marshall’s name. Steve introducing David in his banner! Hmmmm….was Merya’s thought, Richard wasn’t sure if Merya was listening, Merya are you with me? Placing her cup of brew down Merya asked, but why should he invite me for his next film’s cast and crew’s announcement? Richard knew this question was coming up. Richard looked at Merya’s eyes and in his flat tone he said;

The production house cannot do its announcement without its lead actress can it?  Merya was like wwhhh….. before she could complete her expression she heard him saying……..Yes..!!!

You are going to be Steve Marshall’s lead actress…..!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Polarities ~ Opposites Attract…!!!

  1. Yes Yes Yes Merya – Finally you are going to be with Steve…though indirectly but still with Steve.
    @Remya – Loved the way u described the Flashback…the best was the Classic Marlboro Look of Steve – Blue Denim & White Shirt 🙂
    And Merya’s simplicity was heart wrenching…
    An Excellent display of words describing the whole incident of Steve saving Merya and then walking back with Merya in his Arms – Total Filmy Scene…I could actually visualise the scene.
    Your Writing is Superb Remya – Thumbs Up to You 🙂
    Cheers Girl

  2. Thank you so much….for your time…and for those few nice lines.. very thoughtful of you…! Yes.. Merya is going to be with Steve for a while now….. and there is more to look out from both Merya and Steve….!!!!

    Thank you for your appreciations…!!!! I am honored…!!!!


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