Reflection ~ Caught in the waves of thoughts


Excruciating from the pain of remembrance, Merya woke up from her couch, her thoughts weary, her mind perplexed, her eyes searching for a glimpse of him and her body wanting a touch of his to make her dream come true which she knows is difficult to happen…. but which is not still impossible to happen. Taking steps to the mirror, she tied over her hair high to a knot still not  looking at the image of herself on the other side, she took her walk towards the palatially decorated bathroom filled with all brands of aromatic and eccentric body washes around the world. The scent filling the room was of lily today as the maid had done the best job by placing the lovely fresh white lilies making the bathroom the nature’s best place to unwind, and Merya did. Taking off her bathrobe she dipped herself in the bathtub which was filled by lukewarm water with rose petals. The water penetrated every bit of her naked body and she lay relaxed closing her eyes slowly, her mind now unwinding along with her bodily desires.

She got dressed up for the day in her casuals as she knew her schedule was going to make her day long,but before she starts her schedule, she first had to meet up with Ivan. Ivan a good friend of Merya who have been with her in all her odd times, who had given his shoulder for her to sob without speaking a word. They argue, they fight, yet there was always him and his girlfriend Rebbecca who had been in love with Ivan since their childhood. Today was a very important day in Ivan’s and Rebbecca’s life.It was their big day, Rebbecca weds Ivan and Merya knew she had to be their. Rebecca was solicitous after getting all dressed up in her wedding gown and Merya’s designer had done his another best work on the bride and the bride made sure she stole everyone’s attention. Merya walked upto her and gave her a warm smile letting her know “she looked beautiful” On the other side Bridesmaid made sure she was not being caught up on attention at all, but her Black skirt with the slit cut open from her thigh high along with the silver lined blacktop giving a perfect cut till her cleavage exposing the broad neckline of her’s along with the diamond thin necklace made her sparkle. Her hair was tied by a french twist leaving one two strands of hair falling down with curls made her look breathtaking and today the guests were given a tough choice to choose and admire between the bride and the bridesmaid. Ivan gave a warm hug to Merya appreciating her presence on their wedding, the Vows were taken, the rings were exchanged and they were pronounced Man and Wife… Merya was feeling happy as well sad.

She finished giving the presence of her for the wedding,  as her car took the drive Merya wondered  if Ivan and Rebbecca would like their wedding present. It was a wonderfully planned honeymoon package for the newly wed. They would be spending their time together in Venice for how many ever day they would wish and they would also be taken on a cruise made only for them and then a trip to an open destination anywhere in the world they would like. Merya wished Ivan and Rebecca likes their wedding present  as the thoughts took her time she realized now it was to time to get into some work. Some serious work. The clock showed 2pm and in a while from now she had to meet Mr. Richard.

Richard had been her efficient coach, In his early 60’s too he was as efficient as anyone else in the industry was. Merya wondered at times seeing him will she be like this at his age..Merya confided in Richard and he was a father image for Merya. She was palpating ever since she had got a call from Richard asking her to meet him over a coffee she asked why before the line could go blank she heard a name from Richard, she went speechless hearing the line “Its regarding Marshall”. Her thoughts not striking the right chords after she has heard this from Richard. Did she hear Richard right?  Why will Richard want to speak about Marshall to her.. What is that Richard wants to speak about Marshall.. What is that Richard would ask her to do…. ” It’s regarding Marshall” the line went through in her mind like a telegraphic message over and over again. She will know the reason sometime from now………….

Steve Marshall’s name once again on the ears  of Merya Caroline…


2 thoughts on “Reflection ~ Caught in the waves of thoughts

  1. It was amazing to read the description of the Bride & Bridesmaid…very beautifully put. I could visualise the whole Wedding environment.How I wish I had a friend like Merya to get a Life what she gave for Ivan…
    And now I am all the more waiting to hear what Richard Uncle has to talk about Steve Marshall…I guess I am eager more than Merya 🙂
    Great Writng Remya…thoroughly enjoyed.

  2. Thank you imran.. You have been a loyal reader of all my chapters.. Nice to know you have enjoyed the read this time as well and thanks a lot to pen down your response too… May your wish to have a friend like Merya come true soon… 🙂

    Yes… even I am eager to know what Richard is going to tell Merya.. Fingers crossed….!!!

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