Ice on fire ~ The Burning begins….!!!!!


She was feather – weight for his well toned arms. He gave himself a sheepish smile as though patting on his shoulders for the right move of  carrying her on his arms as she lay like a mannequin perching her eyes on  him. The walk over to their bedroom din’t take him more then a few seconds he felt, but it was precisely a walk he had made with her. Time had no track when they were together. The King -sized bed looked perfectly made-up for the night and he was yearning for her to drench all his desires and wants, that he had been dreaming of ever since he had seen her at the Oscars.  He dropped her down on her toes and the chill floor hurt her well pedicured toes before even she could say it out her lips were moistened and she sensed him encroaching as he whispered in her ears, “You don’t know how much you have been driving me crazy”  ever since I saw you at the Oscars. She smiled and she was contagious.

He hated himself at his vulnerability while she was with him and he smiled too, his hands slowly working on her garment, she was neither wearing a Victoria’s gown nor was she wearing a Paris Fashion week’s designer outfit, all she was wearing was nothing less than a Yellow color laced dress. Well stitched with beautiful thin straps adding more beauty to her flawless skin and making her shoulders look perfectly crafted. Her hair that was tied up while she saw him at the door made its way down from the hold of his hands behind her neck bringing a shiver over her spine. She took silence as her bridesmaid and it was not a laborious act for him to work on her garments. ” Wonderful” he uttered seeing her same color laced lingerie, he praised her sense of clothing nevertheless he remembered he was with Merya Caroline now.. She wanted to speak, she wanted to let him know how much she missed him, she wanted to say… before that her swollen lips were again moist against his and she was just a cub for a mulled tiger. Looking straight into her eyes, he told: I shall give you time to talk when it’s time to talk; but now as I told you before when ” It’s time to play I definitely play”  she was startled by the way he was being cold with her and she fell more than ever for this man’s attitude as always…

she could feel his grip over her waist and his sound well toned muscles almost staved her, she cried with intermittently occurring pain and pleasure, her grip over his shoulders begets loud and calm sounds of both, she felt yanked, wrapped, and.. and.. and…  and she muttered I need….. I….. I…. there she was lying with left over remnant of energy merely trying to open her eyes.. and while she did she could feel glimmer of lights hurting her eyes.. she was neither wearing a yellow color laced dress, nor her hair was laid down, neither was she was placed in her king-sized bedroom.. nor she was against him….. she lay silent looking at the ceiling with beautiful chandeliers falling down.. she opened her eyes wholly and she saw herself placed in her couch… her hair still tied up and her eyes awaiting… her mind and soul thinking about Steve Marshall. She never knew when she had fallen asleep yesterday thinking about Steve Marshall in his Black blazer…. She felt it was like Alice in Wonderland….

Will her dreams come true……….!!!!!!!!   


7 thoughts on “Ice on fire ~ The Burning begins….!!!!!

  1. Whoa !!! U hav left me panting – i mean wanting for more…
    Loved the line – Its time play, I definitely play…
    While reading this, i felt i was right there in that King Sized Bed as Steve Marshall and i can still sense the Scent of a Woman – Merya has become Alice of my Wonderland…
    @Remya – FantastIc, a really gripping description of tHe whole scene…felt like reading the script of a Bedroom scene from a James Bond Movie – and the biggest thing that caught my attention was the Yellow Dress and a pairing Yellow Laced Lingerie – i m too fond of Yellow…
    Beautiful Post – Truly it was Ice on Fire…
    Give us more 🙂

  2. I am happy to have a reader who is following Merya like crazy…. It is so nice to see you reading all my 3 chapters…..Yes She is indeed an Alice in a wonderland for sure…!!!!

    Thank you so much Imran.. I’m honored by your presence…Those are absolutely few amazing lines for me.. Thank you again…!!

    Every monday I will publish my new chapter so now it’s time to wait.. so let’s wait…… 🙂

  3. Hi, its Vikesh with you, what an awesome manner of your wording, truly you have another follower garlanding you and instigating you to pen more. Its the ‘art’ of a person’s mind that speaks. On color ‘Yellow’ it does magic!

    1. Hey Vikesh,

      Thank you for those lovely words…. Yes… I am sure color Yellow has done the magic….! Shall surely pen down more…..!! You can drop in to read anytime…!

      Take Care..!!!

      1. thanks , will keep my eye open for udates from now on.
        have a lovely week. cheers, Shyam!

  4. Thank you Vikesh, Yes you can keep an eye open for my updates….. and may be you may like more of Merya and Steve and here comes the Chapter:4 Reflection… You can read them too…!!!!

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