498 Nights – A Journey towards the spectrum


When a dripping wet female yelled his name, he was insentient to even try stopping his eyes from roaming over all of her. There she was standing in front of him fully wet from the rain which had made all its point to drench her out, his eyes scanning her to make her feel the flesh under her skin go strong.

Mr. Dan! She shook her hands with him, the tactile made him shiver. I have been told by my mother we would be meeting. He realized her presence with the strong smell of her jasmine perfume and her hair covering almost half of her face nebulously visible. She was wearing a well designed work of pink color salwar made of silk almost sticking her body revealing her curves which added more elegance to her. She cursorily with her well manicured fingers tried to put the strand of her hair behind her ears, her beauty detestable was incessantly admired and she felt she was not being heard.  Mr. Dan! She called his name again and he remembered he had to answer, Oh yes! Mrs. Naik did tell me about our meeting, he replied. The first meeting towards their hand holding started. As they walked toward the porch of the coffee shop breeze hit her face making her feel even more colder, she could still feel the brace of his hand shake on her palm, She knew she is being inspected on her every single move! She blushed. They perched soon after they could find a place to rest and the talk started.

Contemporary! Its being difficult to return to the present thought Ms. Merya, holding a cup of brew, vividly pictures of Mr. Dan and her passing by, with the lone strand of tear falling into her cup of brew making it savor never made a difference, may be she is use to this cup of brew more than the normal one, after all it was of her 498 nights of remembrance she was trying to melt out. The thorns of his thoughts, his wide shoulders, his first tactile, his first breath, his first touch on her most expensive lipstick being…. there came a sonic which hindered her thought process bringing her to The reality. The reality detestable, The reality equipage!  The reality she was being separated from him, The reality… her engagement being broken! She felt a sharp sword cutting her throat right away straight and entering her heart made her gasp for a breath, made her chock! Made her shout out!! She was trying to gasp for a breath, She was in the grip of his arms, trying to move her face that was curving down for his command, the hold so strong making him less altruistic to let go off her, he persisted with his strong muscle and vigor over her, she was surprised on the fact of her eccentricity, she knew she had to get a gasp of breath now!! Mr. Dan, she took her lips off from his so that she could breath, he replied in his most masculine tone, call me Dan by taking her one strand of her hair and placing beside her ear so that he could get a view of her most beautiful face which is almost pink now. Her thoughts summated, encysting with only one question to the mind just enough to drain her out why would he have to do this to her, when he was aware of not standing by his commitments, her heart inhibited.

Undimensional with his idiosyncrasy that was startling her made her weep on the phone, soon after they were engaged he flew to the United States of America, A country that could keep one on their toes.  The phone calls which once made her melt was making her melt now too but marking a demarcation. The mysticism was shaken, the reasons were lots but the infinite truth was, he wasn’t prepared for the marriage.  She knew her love towards him was infallible but now he was militate on her. He needed this break -up more than anyone else in the world did. The voice of Dan saying, sorry Merya, I’m not dwelling into this drama of your tears, the words bolted a thunderstorm to her heart.  The whim and decay of his promises and vow’s put her into contemplation. She voiced out, Its Over!!!  with the brew almost salty now with a rainfall of her tears and as cold as her heart now is, the 498 nights… She remembered turning over their engagement album, which now a trifle made her feel direful. She wondered looking at the cosmic trying to search the nebulous almost ebbing, made her thoughts come to cessation. She knew she should stop the symbiotic.  She looked at the album once for the last time.

Merya knew she should be in present to forget the past, the past not easily forgettable, the engagement which is well-nigh over, her heart quivering, regression taking her back and forth making her a pendulum. A mutation is all that she wanted now, fleetness to foot and become a stoics. A bell rang disturbing her thoughts making her understand the time which took her by from evening sunset to seeing the sparkling stars from her balcony, she wipes the dried up tear from her face needless it needed a whip, keeping the cold black coffee aside, closing the album she remembered a saying long read.

This too shall pass…. 

She deciphered her 498 night’s coffees..  The journey towards the spectrum began!


9 thoughts on “498 Nights – A Journey towards the spectrum

  1. Love the way u hav described the Wet Silky Salwar reaveling all her Curves (assets)
    I hav not yet completed reading it…bahut lambi story hain.
    We are used to the Turtle & the Hare Story – whr Hare Sleeps and Turtle wins…khatam 😉
    I love the way you have written though…it feels like i am reading a Novel.
    Mast Hai – I likes it 🙂

    1. Imran Khan: Thank you.. Hamare bhi farz bantha hai app ko shukriya karnah.. nice to know you have enjoyed reading and Yes, the idea of this blog was to make it sound like a novel.. and I am happy it yielded to be the same… Keep visiting.

  2. Good start Ramya. It is interesting, although a little heavy for singles like me:)
    You can definiately inflate it to a romantic novel. Keep writing.


  3. Thank you Sushant: I shall definitely inflate this to a romantic novel and by getting it little lite for singles like you in the up coming chapters….. lol…:-)

    Keep reading.!!!!

  4. AaawwW – quite a heartbreaking post…I had tears in my eyes while reading about the breakup…so sad…
    Dont Worry Merya – this shall pass – You shall have the Love you desire for…
    I m a bit saddy saddy – need a chocolate to cheer me up…
    @Remya – Excellent !!!

    1. Thank you… for those beautiful lines…!! Yes it is a heartbreaking post.. I agree.. and you are right.. This too shall pass… and if she is gonna get her love she desires.. tht we will know only in the coming up chapters…so now that I can’t give u a chocolate though to cheer u up but can give you more of Merya in the upcoming chapters that will make you smile.. now get glued here for more of it..

      Thank you Imran… 🙂

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