26444444 / 69999999 – From Calcutta to California

Just Dial In All Locations

A gentle voice with a smile calls out your  name and wishes you Thank you for calling Just Dial, how can I help you? Is of course something which everyone of us has gone through many a times on a daily basis.. An inquiry made to get any information from pin to plane is readily available with this Local search engine… ooppss forgot to write.. India’s No:1 local search engine.  As the tag line goes, Kuch bhi, Kahi bhi, Kabhi bhi Just dial has taken its travel route navigating itself through the terrain of Terra Incognita.

The man who went ahead to conquer his dream with a rented office and a PC in a 3×5 feet garage  in the street of Mumbai is the same man who is the face behind branches in 11 cities, 8 National call centers, 4000 plus employees and a value of 500 cr organization today. With his zeal to Achieve his wish, the commitment to conceive his vision, his perseverance to pop up and bounce back from adversities is a lesson which every budding entrepreneur should listen to. The numbers are playing high and he plays it simple.

Date: July 2nd 2010

Location: Just Dial – Chennai

I looked back to find Rajiv calling me into his cabin, for he wanted to show me a nice tour of his world which is Just Dial. Today being my first day in this office, I was not feeling nervous; neither was I feeling blue in missing my old team with whom I had been for 4 yrs.. I was suppose to miss them, I was suppose to feel new.. I was suppose to, but I was for a change feeling at home.. that made me smile. One thing I deciphered was that, these guys live with this organization.

The tour began, I fastened my seat belts, and took a deep breath, had a glup of water too.. mentally preparing myself for the right questions to ask and the right answers to give, if need be.. but both din’t happen.. as I was zapped hearing the vicious cycle of dreams born in one man’s mind and borne in 4000 minds.

Mr.V.S.S.Mani, I am sure very many of us have not heard of him, until yesterday neither did I….this made me give this space for  him in my blog today.  

A journey from Calcutta to California:

Born in Jamshedpur and raised in Calcutta, Mr. Mani was an out of the box thinker in his whole of family. When people looked out for a stable income and stability of life, he took up the courage to trace his dreams from Calcutta to California. As the saying goes Jack of all trades; Master of none. from Working with yellow pages, to starting up a new company called Ask Me to becoming a wedding planner and being a part of Time of India, 1987 to 1995 Mr.Mani tried his hands on couple of things trying to strike a right chord. Though his hands were trying out different things, his heart, mind, and soul had been with his one and only dream “Just Dial” I heard in his one of the interviews he telling, I became a wedding planner to save some money to start up the “Just Dial” as I use to dream of people calling this number and taking the services.

In 1995 the cost of a telephone connection was 15,000, as he did not have that a huge amount to invest on a connection, he  applied for the magic number of 888 series by paying Rs 3,000 and waited patiently as he wanted everyone to remember the number and not him. In 1996 his kismat connection was given after a long waiting of 1 whole year he finally started Just Dial in a small 3×5 feet garage, with the number 888 8888, some borrowed furniture, rented PCs and a capital of Rs 50,000!

Today  Just Dial has explored new mediums. In 2007, he launched justdial.com, which now registers more than 185,000 hits a day. Just Dial sends close to six lakh SMSs every day and 15,000 messages through WAP. Today, this pan-India service receives over 200,000 calls every day from 240 cities in India. All this mad rush for information is tackled by eight call centres spread across the country.

Just dial going overseas, Today he has taken Just Dial services to the United States of America. 1800 just dial( Type just dial in your mobile number) is the service number they should be dialing to get any information under the sun. When big giants were rendering services to the US using Indian market as Call Center’s thanks to Mr. Mani for his million dollar idea of making India his prime market and now expanding his wings to the universe.

With this my tour was completed and I was here stuck sitting behind, and my mind reading me out the one liner I have read, ” If struggle is for good, Have more of it everyday”


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