What drives you?

Most of us should have come across this question sometime or another in our life. What drives you in your life? Many of us not even knowing what really drives us, would have given the most vague answer which we have  somewhere heard and recorded in our sub conscious mind. Which we have believed to be true to the fullest of our knowledge. Probably, we would have even tagged few in our life as weird for they might have changed their profession at the age of 45, or they could have changed their area of strength to the learning curve.

This trans from the zone of known to the zone of unknown has made us thwart their efforts of achieving their potential.  Have we?  We have seen them proving to be the most successful person in the history of records. Still we call them weird. Have you asked this question to your self, What drives you in your life? the first answer may be the job in which you are in, may be money, may be your friends, or may be even the culture of the organization we are associated in with.  I have also seen guys and gals telling I am in this office for my boyfriend and the vice-versa. If the answer is Yes then, Do you feel a vacuum at the end of the day? Do we succumb and feel fragile? Do you let the external factors to kill our internal happiness? If the answer “yes”  still persist, then it is time for you to reflect and come into self-actualization. Moving from the comfort zone aches, but the push is at times required to find the real you! It is  so ironical to find the bubble of perception we are in to be different from the facts of reality. Saying this a story comes to my mind.

There was this mother eagle so worried and upset, sitting at the utmost top of the hill, for she knows the time has come for her to give that little push to her eaglets. She also had her doubts, will my eaglets be let down? will they be able to fly this time? will the velocity of the wind be so high that they would find it hard for them to stretch their small little wings, she doubted the beliefs of her generation. She had to make up her mind and so she did. Started pushing one after one down as she knew it was the question of their existence. To her doubts, the eaglets stretched their wings and flew. At times it is difficult to push and be pushed, but it is the elixir of life.

I had also gone through the phase of the above said question, But it did not take me 45 years to realize what drives me in my life. I as a person had tried my hands on few before I landed to the answer above. Wandered to find the real me in the most of the ways I could.  Got associated as a HR in a consulting firm, Had been into Conducting stage shows and event, Had been with few corporates felicitating now and then few programmes. Here is when I the “Awareness” of the sub conscious mind which is always conscious about what it needs rang the bell to my conscious mind which was sleeping happily till that day. Woke me up with the blow of the question What drives me in my life: Their came the answer “Training”

Being a trainer by profession had made me go to places, meet people, understand how the corporate works and seeing the catastrophic situations of life. Sometimes I had give in, sometimes I had pulled back. Talking about changing the profession, I remember Boman Irani in an Film Fare Award saying, I took up acting at the age of 43, today he is one of the good actors our bollywood has got. I am sure you all should be knowing one of the best writers of today’s generation, well known for his witty and flamboyant stlye of writing his books. None other than Chetan Bhagat, who is a pass out of IIM – A and who had been working with organizations overseas and India, turned down his career to become a writer. He is become so handy that everyone can carry him in their handbag.  Same goes with one of my very close friend, an owner of a well established firm, very successful in his business turned down his offer of being a CEO of an organization, took up something he had desired to be. A behavioral trainer by profession doing extremely well today.

From this what I really understood is that, Your sub conscious mind never remembers anything but it records. It gives you all the possible signals for taking a look at what is that you really need in your life. So that all of us can makes our dreams be our destiny and let our internally happiness rejuvenate us than to bind and blame ourselves as a mere marionette in the hands of the puppeteer.


7 thoughts on “What drives you?

  1. Inspiring musings. The subject is so complex it will not be possible to comment in a short space. Do visit my site once. I discontinued writing sometime ago. But most of it is relevant to the subject.

  2. What drives you? the question you asked and the answer you give is excellent.

    About your post – excellent, marvellous, superb, fantastic and so on – keep it up.

  3. Read your writing its just amazing, the narration was as cool as a well established writer and the story you took as an example… Wow awesome..

    Well I do have something to say as well. As your writing revolves around and finally ends up with subconscious mind, do you really think in order to get succeed in life one has to discover what’s in his subconscious mind?

    I am not sure about Irani’s personal life, but the other two were earned enough in order to live their desired profession/ life isn’t it? So even you know who you are and what drives you through your subconscious mind, to achieve that we need “MONEY” or kind of (Mother Eagle to push) till then we tend to be in a comfort zone, not pushing ourselves and live with what comes in our way.

    I saw a documentary ‘Chandragupt’ in Doordhasn about a writer “Dhananjay Kulkarni ” who came to Mumbai 15 years ago to write for films. He received many awards from our honorable presidents. Prime Ministers whatever but still he is working as a night Watch man in a shopping complex. The people who visiting there never ever know he could be a writer. In this case he found what drives him but he couldn’t make it. now he compromise or sacrifice his dreams with what he got and the society gave. But he will never give up until his life ends..that’s there..

    Hey Ramee I have just given my thought and the way I m looking at the world.. Apologies if I have written something wrong 🙂
    Very very nice article.. looking forward more like this…

    Endrum Anbudan

    1. Hey Shankar,

      Thank you for sharing your views.. Yes you are right too… Many of us tend to be in the comfort zone as we are always confound about what makes us happy at the end of the day.

      Keep writing your comments and Nice to have seen you home.


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