A Rainy day – Makes you remember someone special.

No views, No clicks, No comments nor criticism… Came to my Blog.. a deserted zone I felt like. None had visited. Obvious, there had been no post from my side. Been travelling and moving around places. I could have written a lot about the places and experience what I had been having for the last 2 months.. I din’t.. Could have written a lot about the Holy river Ganges in which I took a dip in.. what a day that was… blissful with loads of positive energy as if my sins had all gone.. not sure if so.. I couldn’t. Don’t know what kept me off from something that I considered as my passion. May be laziness.. may be loss of words.. may be writer’s block… or may be the fear of letting myself revealed of all my emotions.. I doubt the latter part.

Today, when the clock is striking 12.. listening to the dripping droplets of rain which had given Chennai a new look is making me feel nostalgic, and at the same time makes me feel, I shall not get a better chance to decipher my silence and dwell in the mystic cloud of love, longing, and endure the remembrance of  someone special.  As today being my Mom’s B’day, She took me to Kanchipuram: The city of temples now known for Silk Sarees from down south.. was in the car sitting and tuning to radio listening to few nice numbers. The rain was at its best… was admiring the droplets from the closed windows.

She forced herself into the mother earth with all her force she can, piercing the sand into a piece of land to make it fertile. The smell of the first few drops touching the sand lingers even now so fresh and calm… wish my heart too was as strong as the soil for it could hold the pain of cut through though for good at a later stage. My mind was thinking of one name.. my eyes longing to see a glimpse of the same… my hands were moving automatically to different radio stations… in search of good songs which were the feast to my mind and soul then. Smile arouse for one song played made me blush and took my thoughts so far as they show in movies.. with in minutes I was with him… and so was he…my mind captured the kodak moment.. and my eyes shined……..!

Rainy days so beautiful and eternal for it makes you remember someone whom you had long time thought had forgotten.. or it makes you remember that eyes which you long to see for these many years.. Rainy day unveils the feminine side of every lady, making her embrace the 6ft cloth at her best just for her alpha male to conquer her and cajole her, Am I an exception? Draped myself in the most exotic piece from my collection, waiting for my guy to take a look at me.. smilingly blushing… sincerely longing…Imaginations had come a long way making people meet not in reality though in  dreams. Couldn’t be held in those arms, was held, Though couldn’t feel those warmth of breath, felt.. Though couldn’t say when I would meet my man, my silence spoke and my tears translated those.

Thanks to Laila for she had made me break my silence silently. For she made me write about him, someone whom I haven’t met, but knows for sure he is now somewhere thinking about me and missing me too. Someone whose presence I had felt only in my dreams, whose touch I had devoured only in my fantasies, whose love I wish to  live with as my destiny. Can I afford to miss this? For making our chennai look so beautiful and given us a holiday from this blazing sun and scorching wind. Seeing the paper boats back in the streets was and will always be a bliss for my eyes.. the children dancing to the tune of drops.. the vehicles moving to the speed at most, the chirping birds flying in the search of trees was all a scene that made me quite and think and thank our mother nature who nurtures the planet earth.

The illusion of what we think it is not what it is.. and what we think it is not; need not be something that it is…  May we have more rain.. May we have more shine, for everyday shine makes meadow a dessert; for everyday rain makes the fertile land fatal. May the drops of rain bring that someone special to everyone’s life to make their living more meaningful and wonderful.


5 thoughts on “A Rainy day – Makes you remember someone special.

  1. u ve narrated it so well dear that i could actually picture it in my mind.. made me miss Chennai !!!

  2. you busy lady, nice blog… post as usual nice article about your travel, include hotels you visited and the food you tasted and where we will get nice hot spicy non-veg items.

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