I am….. ?

In Search of my Identity

This is a question which every individual’s right brain think at the wrong time…  Who am I? Dos’nt this question look weird when asked when you know who u r.. I know my name, my parental roots, my childhood memories, my siblings… my schools and graduation.. does all this not reveal my Identity…. or does it nt behoove wt I am today….

We all have our own identity… may be our names are similar and nt very unique in  its own accord, but we are made to believe that we are unique in our own ways.. thn we grow up memorizing this “u r unique” , only to be shaken up one day by our parents asking, who do u think you are?  The first time you think..  Who am I? Do we get an answer, seldom No. Then we still think we are unique as it is strongly registered in our brains we start working.. this question now keeps pondering on us from all 4 sides of life..  hounding our peace full sleep into sleepless nights….  only for us to gape at the ceiling one night asking this question to us.. Who Am I? what Am I? Where Am I? thinking about thinking we fall asleep….

I Have also been going through this phase of  life now, in search of my identity Who am I? Its strange to digest the fact about oneself after through introspection, the dreams which we had in our childhood, wt we wanted to be.. and wt we are today… may be that’s the reason, I believe every individual should know who they really are.. know what their real strengths are and what could be their areas of improvement. Its at times witty too.. when I listen to my peoples arguments, the most commonly asked questions to a gal, Do you think you are one Cleopatra, Do you think you look like one Aishwarya Rai? Do you believe one Ambani will come and marry u or one Salman Khan will ride a white horse and take you in his arms.. these were the affirmative sentences said by their own near and dear ones once upon a time. poor little brain, believed these were the facts without realizing it was just a sugar coated words..

Now who is to be blamed, I, for I believed in my brain, My brain for it believed in what my environment made me believe me in or my environment to have made me first believe in what I have heard and listened which now is questioning me on my beingness?

This is a million dollar question, with is withered in me for some time now my inertia is trying all its ways to unveil the jig-saw puzzle of my true beingness.. it is at times fun thinking about yourself and getting to know you in you, it is at times quiet tiring and tedious for you don’t possess what you were neither yesterday nor have in hand what u will be either tomorrow.

The only thing you are left now with you is you…. for which you have such a big question in mind Who Am I?


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