India vs South Africa – Australia vs Denmark = 200 vs 229

A Tale Of Two Boundaries
The Women who created the History in the world of Cricket, Belinda Jane Clark, An Australian player, did the same 13 years ago, what today Sachin Tendulkar has done. We go with the saying, Ignorance is Bliss! But not always."Its Time to Reminisce"

I am not a follower of cricket, nor was I so lucky to have had glued myself  and watch the match on TV, but however, managed to get those updates when ever Sachin gave that Midas Touch to his bat giving those tremendous stroke play Six’es and Boundaries. It goes with out saying from the dailies and articles this match made the entire world stand awestruck when the “Master Blaster” did what no other man could do!

Sizzling on the Captain Roop Singh Stadium pitch in Gwalior against South Africa on Wednesday, the greatest icon of international Cricket created history; smashing an unprecedented double century, he registered himself not only as the first man to reach the 200-run mark in ODI cricket, but also as the highest scorer in the 50-over format!

We have been in the 10th cloud, when we saw that moment of bliss like a rainbow in our eyes. Wow.. 200 and not out in an ODI is tooo awesome for our younger generations or the aspiring cricketer’s to persuade a dream of becoming the next Sachin Tendulkar. While the media has declared, Sachin Tendulkar as the First player to have gone to 200 not out in an ODI, and has given that part of the bread telling he has created the history, somewhere there had been a mishap, of not knowing that the history was already created. Perhaps, Sachin Tendulkar is the First Man to go for 200 not out in an ODI but not the first player to do so.

We look up to any sport from Cricket to Hockey to Basket Ball, it’s the men’s team which strikes our mind. Sports person needless to say should have stamina, strength, and style. What makes us to forget the Women’s team? What makes us to think ohhh.. it is just a Women’s Hockey or Women’s Cricket? Where is our sportsmen spirit, to acknowledge and appreciate when it comes to Women’s achievements and their history that they gave their blood and sweat to create it?Women’s day on March 8th that is today.. Does wishing a women on just one day makes a Women’s Day???

Date: December 16, 1997
Venue: Middle Income Group Ground, Bandra, Mumbai
Event: 1997-98 Women’s World Cup, Australia vs Denmark

Here, re-introducing, Belinda Jane Clark, An Australian player, who had the magic wand as her bat, 13 years ago creating the history in the world of Cricket,229 not out, batting for 181 minutes and scoring 22 boundaries against Denmark in the Women’s World Cup in 1997, needless to say, this match too happened in our own Mother land. Though her innings, interestingly, lacked the luster of a ‘six’, the Aussie skipper reached her 229 in 155 balls with the help of 22 boundaries at a strike rate of 147.74.

While we appreciate and adore our own, Sachin Tendulkar, who conquered thousands of hearts by reaching  his 200 not out at Gwalior in 147 balls, with the help of 25 boundaries and three extravagant sixes at a rate of 136.05 and asked, to comment on the fact a few days ago! “I have not heard of it, but if she has done such a thing, that’s incredible,” he said in a press conference!

“It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee” let the struggle of an individual be not forgotten, just for the reason of she being a Women. This is one example I could share with you all, I am sure there are lots of Belinda Jane Clark in every nook and corner of our streets, houses, and corporates, struggling to shine in this world of rat-race for creating Histories meant to be forgotten.

“Those who pursue a mission of duty, with a graceful mind,

have a right for all beauties of the world”

Happy Women’s day to you all!



10 thoughts on “India vs South Africa – Australia vs Denmark = 200 vs 229

  1. all the ladies out there should be honoured by this.. a reason to cherish n celebrate the moment on a women’s day, though the feet was achieved way back. thanks ramya for seedin an articulate thought into the minds of chauvinistic men.. good work.. keep it up…. happy women’s day

  2. hats off for bringing this information and you are step ahead of others…Good work ramya and belated woman’s day wishes

    1. Thank you so much Mam… Its my pleasure to have seen you reading my Blog, and you are always welcome to visit my home…

      Shall do my best to keep at it.

      Love and Respect


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