We knew… but we forgot!!!!

Ooh my god.. shucks it is 8’o clock in the morning.. mom, y dint u wake me up… god this alarm, I tell you gosh… ran to the washroom, took a bath for namesake.. ofcourse cant forget to brush my teeth.. Auto.. it is the busiest thing which you will see in chennai.. No autowala’s will be free but thy take you for a ride if, thy know how desperate you are to get hold of one.Charging through my noise, do I have time to bargain.. saw the watch..8:45, thats OK.. no time for all this market research.. after all I am late even today.. lol!

Entering to see all my guys in front of the system… I gasp like a pig after running it up with the stairs… tick.. tick.. tick.. thts the sound I hear… jus the clock.. my best friend turn’s his head frm the system gave me his sheepish smile.. I got the tint of tht… came to my chair…9:40.. 10 mins late today… Thr comes a voice behind calling my name.. I read, the world’s sweetest sound wt a ear can hear is someone calling ur name…. but not today…. not today tooooo…….

Sir, here I go… sat and thought of giving all the explanations I have rehearsed while coming in the Auto but in-vein.. Managed to pass yet another day’s morning drama.. thn came to my system took a deep breath.. saw my gang.. silently I smiled.. thy laughed! we all laughed out.. Sunita called me Ahangari.. a typical mallu slang.. Hafiz gave me a look.. another creature my best pal… as always called me Mokhaa…eninaiku ennaa achu? thts in Tamil.. Muti – Lingual our guys are whn I get to hear thm teasing me.. hours keeps passing like minutes.. with all the comments we pass at one another..

Lunch break… pondering at other’s box something like a ritual we have practiced ever since our schooldays, can’t give it up.. managed to get the taste of all the home food’s.. discussion over the lunch… from movies.. to song’s to food to teasing each other.. and little gossips… sshhhhh now!  Saw the clock, lunch break over…We after all work at times..remembering tht we start working after our lunch break..bit weird understandable..

Thn came the tea-break… we are to make our own cup of coffee’s so.. my best pal and I were sitting over a coffee table and giggling subtly on things. There came our own Krishnamurthy sir.. the same person who gives me advice on time mgt, everyday..We acknowledged his presence and continued sipping our coffee.. thr came a request asking us to pass the Coaster, we stopped sipping the coffee for a sec, looked at each other.. none of us responded..as if we dint hear, we managed to linger in the aroma of our coffee..

Again came the same request.. now we had no choice.. my friend and I looked at each other.. and we looked at our sir.. Coaster…? now wt is tht?? Is wt we both were thinking.. he showed his hand towards the small wooden piece… oohhhh this is Coaster.. (our Mind thought) he asked us, don’t u know wt a Coaster is…my friends reply….. “We knew…but we forgot “...!!!! coffee was spilled, I could nt handle it anymore.. Laughed out..ohhhh my god.. such an answer was never predicted out of him…Coaster, “we knew but we forgot”… sir, dint respond much,… don’t know if he even heard my friend saying tht…

Saw the clock, 6:30.. din’t know how times passed so quickly… every day thr is something or another to laugh abt.. today it remains as a nostolgic thought, which I can write about.. Missing all my buddies and those fun time we had @ work….



8 thoughts on “We knew… but we forgot!!!!

    1. Hey Kumz…. Thank you.. Yes it ought to be superb… after ” We knew but we forgot” was uttered by you….lol…!!!! Those are the moments worth writing…!!!!

      Keep reading kumzzz…!!!

    1. Hi Hemal.. Sure pls do…!!!!! This space is for all you people to read and let me know how you feell.. so go ahead and read as and whn u feel like…..!!!!!

      Thank you for reading…!!!

  1. I like the way you found gayness in small but memorable moments of your office. It is invalueable treasure, hard to find it in places symoblising high expectations.

    1. Well said Sushant.. It indeed is… nothing like working in the place where you have made friends for life… It was, it is and it always will be one of the best time spent @ work not for me alone but for my entire bunch of pals…!!!

      Thank you for reading… 🙂

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