It – Happens

Never did I know, I would fall in love

May be no one knows when they would either…..

Like a chilling breeze, you crossed over me….

Turned back….. Only to know, you have made me thank Thee!!

Honey! What would I tell you when we meet?

Trying to write few… lest I not run short of words to greet…

Herald is what I feel and you make me blush by the way you treat….

Tedious I know this journey is… will be with you and not let you tilt…..

Marriages were made in heaven told few….

Mark my words you would realize it soon told few….

Made for each – other? Is there something existing like that I query

You opened your arms and cuddled me vanishing all my worries…..

Do you know you have made me bloom?

Let me tell this to you right now, before you could leave me gloom…

Dubious I’m not, for I trust in you…

Dying to hear……. The rest from you!!

3-2-2009 7:30 pm


4 thoughts on “It – Happens

  1. Hi,

    I came to know about your blog from Ranjani (hope you know her).

    I don;t know if you really met your love, or that’s the dream guy you are talking about, but I’d say one thing ma’m –

    “You’ll get the man you aer searching for… for true love never dies and fails… and I can see the true love in your lines… I can say ‘All the best’ but you won’t bee needing it… you already have it in the form of LOVE… “

  2. In Love Heart overrules Mind…….. everything seems +ve……… (patience…analyse…….react) never suites for love…..

    the above is just my perception…….

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