World Cup Hockey in India – 28th Feb – 13th March

World Cup.. the name glorifies and tickles our adrenaline only to relate to the only game we have given our Heart, Mind and Soul to is Cricket. Rightly told, We kill our own talents..Hockey is just a game now with so much of History.. and so shall it remain we have decided.. History never repeats itself? True? No clue.. But today History is repeating itself in our own Motherland.. The Land of Diversity, The Land of Unity, The Land of  Nationality.

It is after 28 years that India would be hosting the hockey World Cup, a far cry from the days when they were among the top hockey-playing nations of the world, having last won the Cup way back in 1975. We have given our hands then, but now the legends live in books and as Statues, we honor them and remember them on respective days.. or may be while reading an article in a corner of the Daily.

we still remember the first stage show of our’s.. searching for those eyes from our family.. a small wave from one corner among so many people made us feel, we are just in front of only those who have come to see our performance… a boost to our energy, we smiled and danced with all the happiness we can, ended up hearing from our mom and paa, my child was so good on the stage today, probably because, for their eyes we were the only child so beautiful on that particular day…

Feb 28th – March 13th there will be eyes-es searching for us… their will be that waiting for one wave from one corner among those hundreds.. some where there will be that anxiety in those hearts of our National Team entering our own Major Dhyanchand National Stadium in our Capital city to see a glimpse of we standing for them.

What have we done or what is that we can do.. may be few will read this as just yet another article, or some of you may may think wt can we do abt this…. or few among you may decide, Lets be a part of it.. always their is a choice.. and the choice leads us to be a legend for others to follow.

Jai Hind!



3 thoughts on “World Cup Hockey in India – 28th Feb – 13th March

  1. Remi nice thing to talk about esp wen u know u hav to jus kindle the spark in everyone’ heart. U hav done it! go on…

    God bless!

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